When the Starbucks gift card (e-Gift Card) transfer fails

I gave a Starbucks gift card to my nephew as a birthday present.

But there is a problem.

The following transmission failed. It was the same no matter how many times. So I repeated the order and payment cancellation several times. I was told to change the transmission method, so I changed it from text message to email, and changed my credit card just in case, but it didn't work.

I used to send coffee coupons to my nephews, but I couldn't figure out why.

[Failed to send e-Gift Card] The e-Gift Card sent to you on September 09 has failed. After canceling the payment in the gift history, please retransmit it to another method.


Turn off the service provider's number theft prevention service and try again next month.


I contacted customer service in the app. The next day the answer came:

Subject: Sending error when presenting an e-gift



Hello? Sir,

This is Starbucks Coffee Korea.

First of all, we would like to inform you that it is difficult to check the reason for the failure to send e-Gift Cards that have been presented to you in your account as the payment has been canceled.

However, we would like to inform you that most of the buyers are experiencing failures due to the additional service* subscribed to the carrier.

 – Additional service name: SKT, KT: number theft text blocking service / LG U+: mobile phone number theft prevention service

If it is confirmed that you have subscribed to the additional service, please cancel the additional service through the carrier and proceed with the purchase of the e-Gift Card the next day.

In addition, please note that it may take a little longer than SMS when using an e-mail transmission method.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused unintentionally, and we hope that our answers have been helpful.

Thank you.


You should check with your telecommunication company to see if they have a number theft prevention service. Looks like Starbucks is sending it to my number instead of me.


When I opened the carrier app and looked at the additional services, the number theft prevention service was turned on. Looks like I turned it on.


I turned off the number theft prevention service and told me to do it the next day, but I just turned on the Starbucks app and tried to give a gift again. it didn't work So I waited until the next day and did it again. succeded!



There is a promotion called Chuseok. If you send an e-card of 3 won or more, you will receive 3 stars for every 3 won.


Chuseok e-Gift Gift Event2019-09-02 ~ 2019-09-15


After reading it, they say that they give me stars even if I give them as gifts. Get a free drink coupon when you collect 12 Starbucks starsI don't have to recharge it yet, but I gave a 3 won card to me without charging it.

I gave it as a gift because it was necessary, but I got a star because it coincided with the promotion period.




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