Catching people going from Microsoft Bing to Google

There was a time when the number 1 search term for Naver on the PC was Daum, and Naver was the number 1 search term for Daum. In case the start page is not the desired portal, or to use the service of the portal, it is to move to another portal.

Even Microsoft's Bing will go to Google or Yahoo. In Windows, IE's start page is Bing.

Recently Bing added something interesting to the search results.

Search Google or Yahoo on BingWhen you do, a message and a search bar screen are added to the search results as shown below while saying, 'Where are you going, you can also search here?'

Bing Search Results

What you see on Yahoo! and Google keywords is that the search is focused on one search rather than other vertical services, but people go for the vertical service in addition to the search.


When I search for 'Naver' on Bing, it doesn't come up. It's probably because MS headquarters or MS Korea doesn't care or it's not something to be concerned about.


Actually, I never thought of this when I was on Yahoo! or Naver.

I just looked at the search terms and got an insight on the importance of the start page and the service loyalty, not the brand, and did the related work. Of course, it wasn't in a situation where we could do anything explicitly about our competitors.


I don't know how effective Bing's measures are in practice. It doesn't change the main search like this.

I don't know how long this will be. Maybe it's just because the search team wants to try one.

However, floating points can be changed by experimenting with these small nudges and increasing positive experiences.

In the world, people are different, and they often start with small things.



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