macbook caps lock

There is a situation board, which allows you to see the situation of various scattered things in one place.

Military status board, typhoon disaster status board, firefighting status board, etc...

It has the advantage of being able to see scattered contents in one place.

When it comes to indicating and knowing a certain state, this is not necessarily the only answer. Because each situation has a different solution. That is also the core idea of ​​the Intiluxen design pattern.

It's the keyboard in my house, and if you look to the right, the blue light is on.

keyboard with caps lock on


It displays the status of the keyboard mode for Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock.

It is similar to a situation board that collects scattered states.

keyboard with caps lock on


But that's it. Is there any other way other than this situation board? Is this the answer?

A way to indicate the status of feedback on an action.

The picture below shows the keyboard of the MacBook. Macbook caps lock may light up.

macbook keyboard with hcaps lock on
(photo source)



That is, when the light is on, the caps lock is on.

macbook keyboard with caps lock on

(photo source)


In general, the status board is a collection of various situations in one place, but there is a solution that displays the status or mode of the object in the place where an action is performed, as in this case.

However, this is not necessarily a good solution. Because there may be other circumstances here.


Previously on my HP laptop. HP Laptop Shows Invisible Caps Lock As seen in, in the case of a 10.3-inch laptop, the keyboard is covered by the hand and the keyboard light is not visible.

It is a similar solution, but it would be better to light the caps lock like the MacBook.

This is useful when turning on/off, and like the power button, it will display itself whether the button is on or off.

In my case, mainly speaking Korean I never use the cpas lock key I have replaced this key with a control key so I don't have to use it, and the caps lock key mode display isn't a terribly important issue.

However, the whole service is a collection of small things like feedback on actions or how to display mode indications, so you will need to train yourself to find and think about examples of these principles on your own.


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