Come to Montreal to attend CHI 2006

CHI2006 I came to Montreal, Canada to attend. From Incheon Airport to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, it took 14 hours, 4 hours, and 30 minutes to Montreal again. This is the flight schedule arriving on Saturday evening to attend the Sunday session.

Immigration to Canada is almost instantaneous compared to the US. What did you do when you entered the US? where do you sleep Ask questions, take left and right fingerprints, and then your face. I waited in line for about an hour to get through. By the way, Canada waited in line for about 1 minutes and took about 2 seconds. I don't even write down my passport number and accommodation address. Say hello in French. cool.

I'm in line to go through immigration at a Canadian airport, and the information board says CHI 2006. I didn't take a picture, but I found it on flickr.


photo source


There was also a notice board about CHI in Montreal Airport. I got the impression that the airport was meticulously cared for, ah, it's a typo. It was Computer-Human Interaction, but it was incorrectly marked as interactive. I was about to take a picture, but I passed by, and I found someone on flickr who had the same thoughts as me.

CHI2006 Airport Welcome

(Picture source: CHI2006 Airport Welcome)

SIGCHI When holding a conference, he says he cares a lot about the city in which it will be held. Montreal, where CHI is held this year, is said to be Canada's second largest city, and it is said that French and British culture coexist.

It rains all Sunday. Walking around the city with a map of Montreal, a Canadian travel book, a camera and an umbrella.

Montreal map

If you walk around the city, you will see French and English spoken together. Almost all phrases are double marked with English under French. There were French and English versions of the pamphlet, and TV was also broadcast in French and English.

I went into the restaurant to have breakfast, and I greeted them with bonjuryu~. When the person I went with answered in French, I answered in French. That is, they speak both French and English. Some universities have French as the official language, while others have English as the official language. I can't even speak English well, but I also speak French, so a person like me seems to be wrong to live here.


It can be seen not only in the language, but also in the architecture and culture of the city. There are quite a few French-style buildings in the city, and art galleries and museums are European-style buildings. There are tall American-style buildings in downtown, and European-style buildings in the old town near the port.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral


invitation award statue

First Prime Minister statue in Canada Square



I didn't have much time to browse the internet before leaving Seoul, so I went to a bookstore the day before departure and bought a Canadian travel book. I walked around the city carrying the book and the guide map. When I was looking for a place to visit, I had a lot of trouble because of the usability problem. The reason is that the guide book introduces the place to go, but the place name is not written in English or French, and it is not clearly written where and how to go.

In the end, I decided where to go from the brochure, looked for the place name on the map I got from the Sheraton Hotel for a long time, and found the subway name again. So, after I found the place I wanted to see by selling the bridge, I read the book again, looked at the place name and the photo, matched it, and read the description of the place.

If the attractions were marked on the Montreal map, and the order of viewing the sights was marked like a subway map, I think it would be easier to go there. Information was visualized centered on the map, and I thought it would be good to connect related information.

So, what I thought about was how to upload photos on flickr and use map photos as an index. On flickr, you can put notes directly over the photos, and here you can put HTML links to the notes. It is a method of attaching a link to a photo as a note on the place name on the map, and attaching the description part of the book to the description part of the photo.

This doesn't show the order of the tours, but it seems to be able to see Montreal as the center of the map.

I couldn't do it all, but I tried a few.
montreal canada map



my map


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