TV length display at Xiaomi stores in China

TVs have an appropriate resolution and size depending on the viewing distance.Says So, buying a big TV is not the way to go just because you have bullets, but you have to consider the environment of our house.

TV size and viewing distance(photo source)


There is also an optimal viewing distance according to the picture quality and screen size.

Optimal viewing distance according to picture quality and screen size

When purchasing a TV, we need a way to determine whether the size, which is one of the important factors, is suitable for our house.

There is also a way to measure with a tape measure, life size paper tv Also a good solution book.


A panda bear climbs a building at the International Oil Ban Center in Chengdu, China I saw another new method when I went to the Xiaomi store in .

A very large TV was on display, and the horizontal and vertical scales were marked. I quickly pulled out my iPhone and took a picture.


The size of a TV is usually indicated by the length of the diagonal. Strangely, even in countries with a metric system, it is still expressed in inches.

The TVs in this Xiaomi store are not marked in inches to indicate size, but in length and width.

When installing this TV at home, I think the length is marked so that you can know how big it is. Then you can go home and measure it with a tape measure.


Maybe as TVs get bigger, there is a problem figuring out what size to fit in our house.

The TV replacement cycle is relatively long compared to mobile phones, so you may not make an investment that considers these things carefully. Even if there is a showroom, I think it is necessary to think about how much it is in my house.


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