A glass of soju vs. a glass of beer

Some people like soju, some like beer.

Some of my acquaintances drink soju every day as an accompaniment, while others drink beer no matter how full they are.

When they ask for a drink, they suggest having a glass of soju, a glass of beer, and a glass of makgeolli.

You seem to be talking about the type of alcohol you drink, but to me, each type of alcohol has a different sensibility.

When you ask for a drink of soju, it sounds more serious, and when you ask for a glass of beer, it sounds a little lighter. When they ask for a glass of makgeolli, they ask to go eat delicious food such as komak or pajeon. The wine is pork belly and roasted sweet potatoes.

recently movielittle princess> I've been trying single malt, but I don't know what it tastes like or what it feels like.

Soju for me is the movie 'Oh! Even if you have hemorrhoids on ‘Happy Day’, you put soju on your lips and eat it in order to look good to the guy you like. Jang Narame,  Son Ye-jin, and눈이 crumble> of Han Ji-min Unless you can drink it with me, I don't ask you to drink soju first.

Even though my parents liked soju.


a glass of soju

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Today, my father asks me to have a glass of soju while eating.

This time the feeling is different. It's not about serious or serious compared to beer.

My parents' soju, which I've seen since I was little, was to beat labor, otherwise it's just everyday life. Adults drank soju at meals, weddings, funerals, ancestral rites, and gatherings.


We seem to drink beer. It is said that he does not drink soju well.

A glass of soju or a glass of beer will feel different to a child. no matter how retro, newtroEven so, emotions are what you feel.


Times change. In the timeline in which we live (not a timeline on social media, but a timeline in a time travel-related drama), each of us experiences something different. You may feel that the times are changing in a timeline where people with different experiences overlap.

A glass of soju, a glass of beer, and the feeling of my father's glass of soju.



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