ipod touch dock made of paper

www.dessinemoiunobjet.com easy to make with paper Released dock for iPod/iPhonedid. on A4 paper size If you print and cut it, you can make a dock (cradle if it's a PDA) where you can put your iPhone and iPod touch in the picture below.

ipod touch dock made of paper


1. templateUS_letter_iphonepaper.pdf Download the file and print it on A4 paper

This pdf file is the content of the figure below. The solid line is cut and the dotted line means folding.



2. Attach and cut on thick paper.

I just cut the A4 paper by attaching the printed paper to the thick paper because it doesn't have the strength. When I searched the office, there was a paper file to put A4 papers in. I used that paper file.

It was a little tricky to make, but it was done. The space where the USB connection cable enters and the cable is stably supported.

ipod touch dock made of paper

This is a picture I took in my office.

ipod touch dock made of paper

ipod touch dock made of paper

ipod touch dock made of paper

I usually put an analog watch on my iPod touch, but now I can see it even when I'm standing still.

Besides, I found out on Twitter a few days ago. Notification application received by registering blog commentsWhen a Twitter or e-mail arrives, you receive a notification on the touch, and it seems to be visible too.

My wife also asked me to make it, so I made two more at home.

ipod touch dock made of paper

It seems like it was not difficult to make, but it may be inconvenient for people who do not have thick paper. It would be good to print this form on thick paper and hand it out when doing events such as iPhone or iPod touch events.


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