Find ideas for innovation in other fields. crossover ideas

Addressing children's fear of MRI scans

If you do an MRI at the hospital, you will hear a roar and you are afraid to go into the tunnel. Especially in the case of children, they are more afraid because their parents cannot be with them.

The photo below tells the story of GE Healthcare making an MRI imaging device like a pirate ship, and going to take pictures as an experience of climbing a pirate statue.

(photo source)


This is a famous example of design thinking, when Doug Dietz, chief designer of GE Healthcare's high-tech medical imaging department, came up with a solution in a design thinking workshop at Stanford University.

The solution was not found in the field of medical devices, but in terms of the experience of the theme park.


How was the folding stroller made?

The stroller was invented by Owen McLaren, an aeronautical engineer and flight test pilot. It was difficult to get on and off the plane with his young daughter in a large, unwieldy stroller, but he said he was inspired by the landing gear mounted on the plane.





Find similarities in other fields

In fact, planners must be innate, educated, or trained to come up with an inventor's problem awareness and solution.

In my case, I often see books and stories about inventions. You can learn how to recognize a problem and how to solve it.

One of the roles of market research or user research is finding problems, extracting insights, and in some cases making judgments. So, when I was doing research, I looked into police forensics and got methodological ideas from shows like CSI.  What CSI and User Tests Have in Common or Cultural Anthropological Methodology in the Movie 'Nanny Diary'Learning attitudes in geek economicsalso do

of this blog 여기 excuse me There are many such cases.

You don't have to find a solution to a problem in your own field. Technological problems do not have to be found only in technology, but solutions can also be found in humans, social institutions, or nature. Technology or science often finds solutions in nature.

In fact, a discipline or industry is divided into disciplines for convenience. But the ideas of the world are connected.birth of thoughts> There are many things like this inThe crossover idea that shakes the market> contains some methodological content.

The crossover idea that shakes the market


The original title is 'Not Invented Here: Cross-industry Innovation'. 홈페이지has more readable information.


The examples in the book do not go into depth about how to solve a problem in a certain situation. It seems that the case has not been investigated in depth.

I made a meaning design pattern languageWhat matters is the situation and solution of the problem. When you know the situation and process of the problem, the case can become a principle, and you can write the solution in that situation.

Instead, this book has a lot of methodological stories about how to come up with ideas, so it's not bad to follow the questions.



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