Turn your MacBook into a wireless router

If you go to a workshop or travel and there is no wireless LAN and only one wired LAN, other laptops may not be able to use the Internet. Or, there are cases where you cannot use the wireless Internet with an iPod touch or other laptop because there is no wireless LAN in the office. There are wireless LANs and wired LANs, but wireless LANs have complicated security, so you may not be able to use wireless Internet with other laptops or iPod touches.


Turning a MacBook connected to a wired LAN into a wireless router

If you have a wired LAN, you can use a wireless router, but if you don't have a wireless router, you can use a MacBook. The MacBook receives the Internet through the wired LAN and sends it to the wireless LAN.

Here's how.

1. Select 'Sharing' in the Mac's System Preferences.


2. Select 'Ethernet' for connection sharing on the right side, and check 'Air Port' under 'Use next'.


3. To allow only people who know the password to use the shared Internet, click [AirPort Options…] in the lower right corner. ] to specify the password.

In Network Name, enter the name that will appear when searching for a wireless LAN.


4. Finally, to start sharing, check 'Internet Sharing' in the checkbox on the left, and as shown in the figure, 'Are you sure you want to turn on Internet Sharing?' appears and click the [Start] button.

Then, the wireless LAN icon changes from the left picture to the right picture, and the MacBook becomes a wireless router.



Now, with another laptop or iPod touch, you can find the name of the MacBook you entered in step 3 and connect it.

It cannot be shared over the wireless LAN by receiving it. Also, to connect your MacBook to a wireless LAN and use it, you need to turn off Internet Sharing.



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