Office guides disappearing for the intuitive UI of MS Office 2007

The office guide was an animated character and at the same time, the purpose was to present an active help. But with Office 2007, Office Assistant will no longer interfere with your work. This is because the Office Guide, which has been in the dir for 97 years since the Office 10 version, will disappear in Office 2007.

My first interest in Office Assistant was when Office 97 was first installed. At that time, I received the mailing list of SICHI of the American Computer Society, and there were complaints from not only famous HCI professors such as Galman but also interaction designers. It was bothering me all the time while I was working. At that time, Microsoft also released a white paper for Office Guide.

Office Tutorials is also related to Microsoft's Bill Gates, user complaints have accumulated over the years, and there are even research papers. If you do a search, you will find a lot of results.

The original Office Assistant was created as an idea from Microsoft Research, and it uses the concept of a social interface, such as a conversation between a user and the office, rather than a computer as a simple piece of software. Therefore, the Office Assistant takes the form of a character such as an animal or a person, rather than a window window help or dialog.


Office Assistant


The default character selection is also interesting.

The US has a clip, and the default for our country version is a puppy. Japan has dolphins.

I searched for a long time, wondering if there might be a paper or data that investigated the preferences of each country, but could not find it. However, I did not know the culture of Japan, so I translated the Japanese site into Korean and searched, and found that the children really liked dolphins.

If anyone knows of any research on this preference that differs from country to country, please let me know.

Wouldn't Office Assistant watch what users use before they ask a question in the help, and need something like this around this time? It also has the purpose of predicting the user's behavior and actively helping the user.

It collects the user's behavior and predicts the user's next behavior using the Bayesian algorithm. Previously, when studying predictive modeling, there was a paper about predicting user behavior by accidentally inserting Bayesian theory into MS Excel. Watching the user's behavior and predicting that you will be curious about this at this point, you actively help by saying, do you not need this? He said he put the engine in the excel.

However, rather than getting help from an office assistant when the user needs it, there are many cases where a dog appears in the corner or suddenly while writing a document and wags or moves its tail, which interferes with work. The reaction from the first release of How to Office has been going on for 8 years.

It's fun to have help with characters like dogs, people, or clips, but it's annoying when it's cumbersome to predict the user's behavior.

Office 2007 is said to have removed the Office Assistant in order to design an intuitive UI rather than a smart UI.

What can be called a smart UI in Office 2007 mini baram. In order not to bother people, many experiments have been conducted to adjust the values ​​that automatically disappear or occur. It seems to be fine so far, but when the official version is released and people use it a lot, I don't know if it will complain like an office guide.

Office Assistant disappears from Office instead of menus and toolbars ribbonIt's such a big deal that it happened. What we can learn from this is that it's probably better to let the user control it than to be sloppy and smart.

full table of contents Office 2007's new user interface can be seen in


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