cafe that knows me

I like to study or work alone at Starbucks. go often.

I don't always go out for coffee. first cup of coffeeThis is because it is a place where you can work and have something to drink while working.

I drink a light coffee, so I add a lot of water to my Americano.

I don't know the taste of coffee. Rather than savoring coffee, the concept is to drink something while talking or working. In the laboratory I was in when I was in college, my favorite brother gave me coffee like barley tea, and I think it was probably because I drank coffee beans for the first time.


Your own Starbucks menu

Add one more shot at Starbucks and add another cup of hot water to the 500ml warm/cold bottle.

If you order with a personal cup and fill 12 with stars, you can receive a free drink coupon. In addition, if you order with siren order, additional shots are free.

In this way, it is equivalent to eating a tall Americano at Starbucks (actually shot + shot added) for 3600 won.

How to get a cheap Americano at StarbucksThis is also the way I eat Americano.


In my case, I save it in My Order of Siren Order and order it right away.

'Hot Americano short + additional shot + individual cup'

Starbucks Siren Order Your Own Menu


The menu button label seems to be well made. 'Order Now'. The button label is the same as what I'm talking about.

When receiving coffee, say “Give me a cup of hot water” and pour hot water tumblerput in The amount of water is different because the size of the cup that is given from time to time is different, but I always drink like this.

Now I know the faces of most of the Starbucks employees I frequent.

A few days ago, the order wasn't done yet, but my partner, who seemed to exercise a bit, said, "Is it a two-shot?" He said he made it first and gave it to me.

Humans are better than machines. Of course, you can find these rules and learn them.


Even if my Starbucks partner didn't say anything, I prepared hot water for you.

Today, a high-tone partner, who always seems pleasant, was making coffee. I got a notification on the Starbucks app asking me to go find coffee, and when I went, I said, “I also prepared a cup of hot water.”

Thank. He looked like a sensible man.

I was wondering when this would happen, but it happened today!

This is not easy. Because it might be over.


What if the machine does?

It's what humans, not machines, are good at, recognizes people, learns, and is flexible.

It may be a simple rule as a result of 'to a customer who asks for a cup of hot water every time after placing an order, even if the customer does not speak after a certain amount of time'.

If you have very strong computing power and a lot of digitized data, even a machine can do it. It is also the era of finding rules without giving them rules through machine learning. I'm looking forward to machine learning as a magic box to figure out what I don't know.

Of course, a human expert can still figure it out without such a lot of data and computing power. But these days, it is a fact that people are increasingly thinking about what they are good at.

The human cafe owner The more polite you order, the lower the coffee price.You can do it. It may even be capable of artificial intelligence with consciousness. A conscious AI believes that it won't and shouldn't happen while I'm alive. This earth is too small for humans and other animals and plants to live. If it does, I hope it will happen when the human and animal populations become smaller and closer to extinction, and space travel is as easy as drinking.


cafe that knows me

There was a “cafe that recognizes me” project, although I was only able to push through the first stage when creating the Naver Cafe.

Topics include personification, behavior-based personalization, recommendation, and friendliness. What a person recognizes, the reaction you hear or expect when you go to an acquaintance or interest group. Naver Cafe is a place where you can meet people with the same interests as me.

And I experienced “a cafe that recognizes me” in a small but real world.

At the same time, I thought for a moment about what it would be like to be replaced by a real machine.



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