Kyunghee University Cherry Blossom Road Walk gpx

I went to Kyunghee University because I liked cherry blossoms.

Before walking on the Kyunghee University campus, I searched Rambler to Kyunghee University to find the courses people took. I downloaded a course to the Rambler app to refer to the course while walking.

To get to Kyunghee University, get off at Hoegi Station on Line 1, exit 1, and take the Dongdaemun 01 village bus on the right and get off at Kyunghee Medical Center.

Kyung Hee University Cherry Blossom Road Walk

Go right through campus and walk counterclockwise.


I took a picture while logging the route with the Rambler app. Kyung Hee University Campus Cherry Blossom RoadYou can check the photos taken by location on the map.


Download GPX:  Walking on Seokchon Lake (180 downloads)

As you can see from the altitude in the graph above, there was a light sloping downhill, but it was worth walking.

It took 33 minutes to get back to the main gate. If you walk from building to building, it will take longer than this.

Kyung Hee University Cherry Blossom Road Walk

There were a lot of people who came to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom because there was a forecast of rain.


The cherry blossoms in full bloom are now starting to fall.

CBS FM during the day Let's meet Lee Soo-young at 12:XNUMXoften hear One day when the weather was nice, Lee Soo-young told me to put everything aside and go out to see the cherry blossoms. You never know when the fine dust will come.

Yes. Cherry blossoms are also available at times. There is a time to bloom and a time to fall.

In the past, Professor Lee Sang-mook's lecture, NOW or NEVER remembered now or not

overcoming laziness Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Roadand Kyunghee University. Looks good.

Also, when would you look at such a blue sky?


I downloaded someone else's gpx path from Rambler and referenced the course when walking, just in case it might be helpful to others Revealed on Ramblerdid it
Rambler AppYou can download it as , or you can directly download this route and put it on Google Maps.

Download GPX:  Walking on Seokchon Lake (180 downloads)

cherry blossom map | my map


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