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In early April, it is fun to see the white and pink cherry blossoms. For me, who likes to walk, walking on the cherry blossom path is another luxury. When the wind blows and the cherry blossoms scatter like snow, the spring sunshine makes you happy with the illusion of snow in the middle of winter.


Seokchon Lake is a place I often walked when I was watching the hourglass, and I remember selling oden and hotteok with my friend in the cold winter of the hour after the hour of the hour.

As I walked, I logged in with my favorite Rempler app.

Recording the Rambler walking route, I took a picture in the middle, the route and the picture are 여기can be seen standing


Download GPX:  Walking on Seokchon Lake (179 downloads)


It took about 40 minutes to walk around the east and west lakes of Seokchon Lake. I couldn't walk very fast because there were so many people, but it was okay anyway.



Cherry blossoms are planted along the lake road.

It was taken while walking, so I didn't realize it, so I looked for it.

(Picture source: Seoul City Facebook)


cherry blossom map | my map


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