Live Preview of MS Office 2007

Real-time preview means that whenever you hover over a gallery or a control that specifies a document format, the document format you hover over is applied to the currently edited document in real time.

When you mouse over the gallery, it appears immediately applied to the editing window, but it is not actually reflected. It is applied only by clicking on the gallery.

For example, when changing the font type, it was reflected by clicking the font drop-down button until Office 2003 and selecting the desired font from the displayed fonts. is changed And finally click on the font you want to change.


Example of real-time preview when changing font

As the result is immediately reflected in the edit window just by hovering the mouse, it eliminates the repetitive process of executing the command, returning to the editing window to see the reflected result, and finding and executing the command again.

The real-time preview is similar to the [Apply] button in some dialogs of the window. The [Apply] command is a function that allows you to see the result by reflecting the contents of the dialog without closing the dialog. If you like the result, click the [OK] button to finalize it, otherwise press the [Cancel] button to return it to the original state.

For example, if you click [OK] after changing the picture or resolution of the desktop in the display properties, it is reflected immediately and the dialog is closed. If you click the [Apply] button, you can see that the desktop or resolution has changed without closing the dialog, so you can know the result before making a final decision.


Display Properties in Windows XP
Display Properties in Windows XP

The chart wizard in Excel 2003 has a feature similar to real-time preview. Select the data to be charted in Excel, and click the [Click here to preview] button in the Chart Wizard to see how the selected chart type will look when it is finally reflected in the data. The preview of the chart wizard in Excel 2003 can be seen in the chart wizard dialog window, and in Office 12, the results reflected in the editing window can be viewed in real time.


Chart Wizard in Excel 2003
Chart Wizard in Excel 2003

In the real-time preview, when the user selects a function and clicks the final [OK] button, the document format is changed immediately whenever the user mouses over it, rather than changing the document format all at once. Therefore, the real-time preview can bring load on the system. When developing a web application or web site, when a new image or data is requested from a web server with just a mouse over, it is necessary to balance the cost of the system with the user's usability due to the system load.

So at first I was worried about how fast this function would work. However, it has been confirmed that there is no problem with the Pentium 1 mobile laptop or Pentium 4 desktop computer in the beta 3 version.

Office 2007 live preview gallery The function allows the user to focus more on creating the desired document instead of having to go through the trouble of learning the necessary functions to create the document. Because the gallery and real-time preview are created by simply selecting a beautiful document form.

The ultimate goal of UI is not to design only the process of using it, but to help the user achieve the end goal.

full table of contents Office 2007's new user interface can be seen in


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