MacBook heat dissipation cooling pad and Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner dust filter

It's spring when cherry blossoms bloom Cherry blossoms bloomed on the MacBook. But because of the warming, as soon as you take off your parka, you will be wearing short sleeves. working at Starbucks America is also changed to Ice America.

The heat from using a laptop or MacBook was warm in winter, but now it won't burn my palms, but I feel like I'm about to get burned.

The cheap laptop heat sink has a fan attached to it, but usually the part in contact with the laptop is made of aluminum to dissipate heat well. The MacBook is also made of aluminum, so it seems that the heat is well conducted through the palm of the hand.


2018 touch bar macbook pro lower version

Below is the lower version of the 2018 Touch Bar MacBook Pro.2018 touch bar macbook pro lower version

(photo source)


The MacBook has a battery in the area that the palm of your hand touches, and a fan sends internal heat to the part where the LCD folds.

When you hold the MacBook and touch the desk, it is hot. Because the laptop or MacBook is attached to the floor, the air does not pass through and heat rises.


The heat is generated in the palm of the hand rather than the keyboard. It also seems to generate more heat on the left side than the right side.


xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner dust filter macbook cooling pad

There is an aluminum cooling pad on the fan, but you can't take it to Starbucks.

So, it is an air-cooling type that allows air to flow under the laptop, so you can float the space so that it does not directly touch the floor.

I usually carry two erasers, but I carry the dust filter of a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner I bought recently.

xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner dust filter


It's not urgent, it's cheap buy from aliexpress did.



The dust filter has rubber packings on the top and bottom to prevent slipping. It is suitable for the width of the MacBook, so it does not wobble and is light to carry.

It makes room for the MacBook and the floor.


I can't even see it because it's under my laptop anyway

MacBook Thermal Cooling Pad Using Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Dust Filter


This does not mean that the fever is caught. just a little less


If a program uses a lot of CPU, it will inevitably generate a lot of heat. In addition, when the MacBook is connected to power, it is said that the CPU performance is higher than when using the battery. So, if you connect the power and use it, you can work faster, but it will inevitably generate that much heat.

There is still no technology that prevents 100% of heat loss, so it would be better to use at least this type of air cooling.


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