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When creating Naver Blog, Naver Knowledge iN, Naver Cafe, Naver Post for the first time, or creating a community of recently created software, I always think about it. UGC (User Generated Content) is about the various motives that users write because they write.

One of the big ones is the feedback from the readers. Ordinary people don't comment well. Still, if you press the like button on a Naver blog or Naver post, the person who writes will gain strength.

At some point, Facebook likes, regardless of my intentions, like Twitter retweets, my favorite posts will appear on the timelines of my friends.

So, instead of liking Facebook, I wanted to put a like button on WordPress itself.

Recently, a applause icon appeared on Medium's post. When I see Medium's post, I press the clap button.

I was looking for something like this among WordPress plugins, and I finally found an add-on on my blog. Fruit tree's blog postin ZillaLikes I found a plugin called

ZillaLikes plugin

It seems that this plugin could not be found in WordPress because it was external. Therefore, to install it, you need to upload it from ftp or wordpress.


Download plugin

  1. this pageEnter your e-mail address to receive a download link by e-mail.



  1. You can upload the zip file from Add WordPress Plugin, or upload it to wp-content/plugins via FTP.



  1. You can make it appear automatically at the bottom of every post or page. If you want it to appear in a specific location in the template, you can turn it off and paste the code.
  2. When the heart is 0, 1, or 2 or more, you can designate the text next to it.


Detailed installation and usage instructions Fruit tree's blog post It would be good to refer to


In my case the phrase was like this:

I wrote the expression that there is no need to link with SNS or log in, or it is not an advertisement.

The text is long and the location of the heart and message is a bit strange, but there is custom CSS, so I think I'll have to tweak it later when I have time.


I found the plugin I was looking for in someone else's blog, which I entered through the comments on the blog!



28 If you like the article, please click the heart~ It will be a strength to bloggers (SNS/login/advertising is not related)

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