Not My but Your ?

When I first used, there was one thing I was most unfamiliar with and not sure about every time I clicked on the menu.

It's just a menu label that starts with “Your ~ ”. Even now, in the space where I look at my photos, I am often not sure if this is my space.

After logging in to the Korean site, the menu name related to me is
My Home, My Account, My Account, My List, My Shopping Information, My Shopping Cart, etc. My blah blah blah blah.

By the way, flickr is Yours, Your Photos, Your Contacts, Your Set all Your blah blah blah. Even inside the set, it says createdy by You under the set name, and You has a link to the home page of my flickr.



It's like my space to log in and view the photos I've uploaded, but it's not mine, it's your blah blah blah blah.
When I say your ~, I feel the degree of ownership is slightly different than my ~. It seems a little less mine. Also, like flickr, it is Your .



Amazon changes the Your Store tab to your name when you log in. I feel like they recognize me a little more when they name me youngwan's Store rather than My Store or Your Store.



I go to a department store in the real world, but it's not mine, it's the department store. An online shopping mall is a metaphor for being in the world, but because the site is dynamic, it can show a signboard that bears my name.

But, actually, the shopping mall is not mine. With the concept of using a shopping mall that is not mine, it is a bit awkward for me to have my name attached to the shopping mall.

In the movie Minority Report, when Tom Cruise was walking inside a building, iris recognition was used to show that an advertisement in a public place was related to the main character. How would you feel if you were walking down the street with other people and what you see to yourself is different from what you see to others?

I don't see what others see, and the rest don't see what I see. How do I differentiate between what I see and what others see and what I see only for me? What is relevant to me and what is not to me? also has a My List like a Korean shopping site, which is displayed as My Stuff, My Wish List, My List, etc. But what's interesting is that the label is My blah blah blah, but the message is Your blah blah blah. Come to think of it, Messini doesn't seem to be any stranger to you. The message is Are you sure? You are blah blah blah blah blah.

Looks like I'll need to look into the label guidelines for My .

The menu of is My ~ as in Korea, but the menu label related to My Service (?) in and is Your~, not My~.

My~ , Your~ …

Are there cultural differences between Americans and Koreans?


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