Opening and Closing Files in MS Office 2007

File open dialog and save dialog are included in Windows common controls, and most Windows development tools simply call them and use them.

From November 2005, MS Office 11 pre-beta 2007 version to March beta 1 TR version, I felt a little awkward whenever I opened a file in Word or PowerPoint, and that is the size of the file open and save window.

The size of the file open and save windows of MS Office 2007 is much larger than that of the standard controls.
The size of the screen capture is 778 * 494.

At first, it looked a bit silly because it was too big, but after using it, I realized that a large window is really convenient.

In fact, when I open a file in Office or other programs, I do not find and open the file through the Open menu in Word. I find a location with a file to open with Explorer, copy the label to the directory containing the file from the address bar of the explorer, click and copy the file open window of Office, press Enter, and then open the file in the directory that came out.

When opening a file, the reason for using the explorer is that it is inconvenient to find the file deep in the directory because the size of the file opening dialog opened by the program is small.

For me, the file opening and saving windows are a really small part, but it seems to have played a big role in making my work using Office more efficient and reducing irritation in the process of using it.

I've only changed the window size, and it seems to be experiencing a huge difference.

This file open and save window seems to be used only in MS Office. No other program will open a window of this size.
It looks like it's not a common window control. I don't know if Vista goes into common controls.

There aren't many Windows software these days, but if a Windows programmer reads this article, how about using the file open and save dialog of Office 2007 to open and close the file of the Windows program?

If there is one disappointment, when you save an attachment from an email sent to Outlook to a hard disk and try to open the file, you have to go back to explorer again. Oh, it's really annoying.

Can't you just ask me once after saving?

Small considerations by UI designers make a big difference in the user experience.


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