How to eat cheap coffee today at Starbucks in Japan, one more coffee

Whenever I go on a business trip to Japan, I drink coffee at a Starbucks near my office.

I habitually order an Americano, but someone I know told me that it is a cheap way to buy a cup of coffee of the day when I go to work and drink another cup in the afternoon.

I've been eating together for a while, but I tried it alone for the first time today.

Today's coffee is cheaper than Americano as well as in Korea, but it's not a cheaper way to eat it, and you can eat it cheaply the second time you order it.

If you order today's coffee, "One More Coffee" is printed on the receipt as shown below.

If you show this receipt the next time you order, you can buy today's coffee for 345 yen for 150 yen.

Starbucks coffee of the day one more coffee

There are conditions.

  • XNUMXnd order only
  • Valid on the same day only
  • Available at other stores
  • Same size as the first order
  • Hot/Ice selectable
  • Today's coffee only


It was 100 yen, but when I checked again, it was 150 yen. I found 2017 11 1at work the price raisedsay that

Not in Korea, but in Japan.

It is a different sales policy for each country, and there may be degrees of freedom internally, or it may follow country-specific sales regulations. If you work on the billing side, you can see why, but to my knowledge, I don't know why it's legally different.



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