View the relationship between news articles and stock prices in Google Finance UI

One of the interesting things I saw in google finance (, which opened beta on March 2006, 3, was news articles and stock price graphs. am.

I don't know for sure because I don't own stocks, but I think some event will affect the stock price. The news article may have had an effect on the stock price, and the event that affected it may have been turned into a news article. Anyway, there seems to be a relationship between news articles and stock prices. All of the stories below make sense only if there is a justification for this assumption. Let's assume it makes sense.

If the news comes out in real time, I think it would be possible to understand the relationship between the news and the stock price by taking the time of the news on a graph.
I usually had this thought, but since I didn't do stocks, I didn't need to shovel to map the point of view of news on the stock price graph.

By the way, the stock price graph of Google Finance links the news article related to the stock and the stock price graph.

google finance If you click , a page that actually works as shown in the figure appears.

The news article is on the right side of the stock price change graph. If you look at the news on the right, it is marked with A, B, C, D as shown in the figure in front of the article. If you click the button of the article, the selected article area turns gray and changes to inverted A, indicating that the article is selected, and at the same time, inverted A is displayed on the graph on the left.

Conversely, if you click buttons A, B, C, D, etc. on the stock graph, the corresponding article on the right is selected. If an article that is not on the screen is automatically scrolled, it can be seen.

It is possible to determine the timing of the article on the stock price graph, so that it is possible to determine whether news or articles have an effect on the stock price.

According to Google's announcement, this stock price graph is introduced as Interactive Charts, and it looks like a Windows application because it uses a lot of Ajax technology.

I think that this function is not possible because there is necessarily Ajax to link the time point and stock price graph of a news article on the web. You can do it to some extent with Javascript or DHTML, and if data processing is complicated, you can change the page by clicking on the article and display it on the graph. Or you can do it with ActiveX.

Technology isn't the problem. If people need it, technology will follow. However, it is only a problem for us to agree only after seeing this implementation.

I don't know if these functions or UIs already exist because I don't do stocks, but I think it might be useful for people who do stocks. It would be nice if we could know what kind of research was done internally by Google or the reason why we created these features when designing the interaction.

Is it really because people have something to do with news and stock prices? Or did you just try something that you can do with Ajax technology and tell them to display the time information in the news article and the time information in the stock graph information as well? Ebony Jeffrey Veen MeasureMap It is said that the blog statistics graph shown in Google Finance was used, but it may have been done because of technology.



MesaureMap image source

UI is not all about making it easy to use, pretty, and fun. It should be able to help people do what they do, enable it, make it work, and give it value.

I don't know why this UI of Google Finance was made, but if it has anything to do with news and stock prices, it seems to be useful when looking at a stock price graph, and a UI that shows information that can be synchronized with time is something to learn when designing an interaction. If you know exactly the issues inside Google, there would be more grounds for creating an interaction design pattern, but I can't find it.


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