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In my case, I go to Starbucks on weekends to blog or program while listening to music. Then I thought about it for a moment.


I like to use the computer alone

Starbucks seems to be a good cafe for kids or alone to go and use the computer. Even if you don't do it, don't say anything. Usually, the first floor is for ordering and the second floor is for seating. When ordering on the 1st floor, it is recommended to reserve a seat first and place an order because the 2nd floor seats are not visible.

There is a table by the window, so it's good to be alone. It's about the height of a standing position, so it's good for standing at the computer if you're sitting for a long time. In my case, it's been a while since I've used a standing desk at work, but there are many instances of standing at Starbucks as well.


Standing seats at Blue Buttle's Omotesante branch in Japan It seems like a good place to stand and do it. Of course, it would be nice to have a chair to sit on when your legs hurt.

Besides, there are power cables in cafes these days. Indeed, five years ago, some cafes looked for four-square tips for seats with power cables, and some cafes used a lot of power cables as a differentiating point. Before I closed me5day, I was in charge of it for about two years, and there was an event where people tipped places like Foursquare's tip. But these days, most cafes have a lot of power cables.


The internet is wireless, but the power is still at a level that wireless charging has to contact, so if you bring a laptop, you need to choose a seat with power.

Free Wi-Fi is also provided by cafes these days, but Starbucks, like a large company, provided it with KT from the beginning. These days, secure Wi-Fi is also provided, and I followed it a few times, but recently the connection is not good. Nowadays, smartphones and laptops are essential in cafes, so Wi-Fi is also essential.



drink cheap coffee

I heard about it from someone who frequents Starbucks, and I searched the internet and found some cheap ways to eat it.

Each individual has a different carrier or credit card, so the conditions are different. In my case recently I'm doing it the following way:


Using the Starbucks Recharge Card

The method below basically uses a Starbucks card to recharge.

Then, when you add a shot, you can get a 600 won discount, a birthday coupon that allows you to order any drink on your birthday, and you can get a discount every 12 cups if you reach the gold level. Of course, you can also order a siren when the order line is long.



Eat Tall at Americano Short Price + Earn Discounts or Reward Stars

Americano Short is 3600 won and Tall is 4100 won, which is 500 won difference.

  • Americano Short + Add shot (-600 won when ordering with Starbucks charge card) + Personal cup (-300 won or extra) + Add water


Americano ice is not short, but hot is short. It's not on the store menu, but you can order it.

An additional shot costs 600 won, and it is free if you order with a Starbucks charge card. If you bring your own cup, you will get a 300 won discount or an Eco Star.

And if you ask for full water or hot water, give it to a cup. They even give you a slice of a sandwich you can eat if you go around 9 in the morning.

I didn't have a Starbucks tumbler, so I brought my child's Iron Man tumbler with me, and I got a tumbler as a gift and bought a few more.


If you drink coffee with this deep tumbler, you can drink it warmly for a long time. Instead, there seems to be less feeling of drinking because the coffee is not visible.

However, if you ask for hot water, they give it to a short glass of Americano, and pour the water into a tumbler with one shot added, and drink it little by little according to the computer. If you close the lid of the tumbler, it will not cool down quickly, so it is good in winter.

You can pour a cup, so it would be nice to have a bigger thermos rather than a tumbler in winter.

bought Thermos)




Top up your Starbucks Card with a Starbucks Discount Credit Card

Credit Card with Discount at Starbucksthere are many I think you can use it according to your credit card situation, but in my case, it's not a special Starbucks discount card, and I don't go there very often. So, whenever you order, you recharge your Starbucks card by the maximum discounted amount rather than receiving a discount.

If it is a credit card with a 10% discount and the maximum discount is up to 5000 won, you can add 5 won to Starbucks to receive a 5000 won discount. You will receive a coupon for one free drink for each glass.


Birthday coupons, stack up stars to get a free drink coupon every 12

If you pay with a Starbucks card, you can get stars. When you reach Gold level, you can collect 12 stars to get a free drink coupon.

Byul knew if he was going to get a notebook at the end of the year, but he did it, but there was a free coupon system in any cafe. I think I've been going to Starbucks for over 10 years, but I recently discovered this.

When you first register a card, it becomes a welcome level, and when you stack 5 cards, it becomes a green level. A green rating is achieved by collecting 25 stars on the green. Finally, when you collect a total of 30 stars, you become the green level. Tier BenefitsIs as follows.

Starbucks benefits by tier

When you reach the green level, you will receive a free drink coupon every 12.

You can order a drink of any kind with the birthday coupon and free drink coupon. I received a birthday coupon, and while I was searching for where to use it, I saw people ordering the most expensive drink, and I tried a drink I didn't usually eat.


It is not possible to accumulate stars and use the recharge card abroad.

Sometimes I go to the Japanese branch and there is a Starbucks nearby, so I go there once or twice a day. This is probably because sales and sales settlement are based on the country, and it is said that cards registered in the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland are compatible with each other.


Changes in people's use of cafes

These days, cafes seem to be turning into places to study and work in addition to places to meet and chat. This was the case with a company colleague who immigrated to the United States in 1999 and my tennis teacher. Studying and working at Starbucks, meeting people and doing business.

I said it was absurd... In Korea, it seems that many people started doing this more than 5 years ago. Even middle school and high school students study at the cafe. I also go to cafes with my children to read books and use the computer.

When I was in middle school, adults drank coffee at a coffee shop, and a place called a cafe was a place where adults drank.

In Korea, there used to be a beauty salon across the street from a shopping mall, but now there is a coffee shop across the street or right next to it.

Some parents bring their children who are going to be kindergarteners, while others around middle school students come to play games and their parents are playing computers. An elderly person may read a book or use a smartphone alone. Studying for exams, developing with a laptop, and working seems to be the case.

These are the appearances of using the cafe seen in Hollywood movies.



Although I mentioned a specific cafe called Starbucks in this article, I observe and feel that people's lives, perceptions, and behaviors are changing.

Starbucks is A third space that is neither home nor officeIt is said that there is a concept called .

11 years ago in 2007 Should I go to Starbucks instead of the reading room? I used to think about it, and now I am.




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