Visualization of 2018 US Midterm Election Results Cartogram Information

The results of the 2018 US midterm elections.

Democrats and Republicans are 51.5%: 46.7%.


Election results viewed on a map can distort information

Like any other media outlet New York Tom Eames also visualizes election results on a map did.

Which color seems to be dominant in the gram below?

it is red The red one seems to have overtaken the blue Democrats with the Republican Party.

However, as indicated above, Democrats and Republicans are actually similar, and there are more Democrats.

In this case, the information visualization distorted the information.


2018 US Midterm Election Results Cartogram



The area of ​​the cartogram and map is distorted, but the data can be understood well

It is intuitive to display area-based information such as number of seats or population data on a map. However, if you do the above, the map is alive, but the data looks distorted.

Draw a picture in which the area of ​​the map is distorted according to specific values ​​such as number of seats and population data. cartogramIt is said It is also called a proportionality diagram of variance.

Below is a 2008 US Electoral College cartogram from the Korean Wikipedia cartogram.

Democrats in blue have 365 seats, which is twice as many as Republicans. However, there is a disadvantage of not knowing whether this is a US map or a Chinese map.




The New York Times' New Cartogram Method


I saw it on Twitter, and the New York Times, which seems to be very careful about information visualization, this time new katogrammade with



But this time, it's a slightly new cartogram. In order to maintain the shape of the entire map, the number of seats is displayed in cells of the same size, not the area of ​​the actual map as shown below.

On a map of the United States, the blue and red colors look almost identical. In fact, the Democrats and Republicans are 51.5%: 46.7%.



2018 US Midterm Election Results Cartogram


We have to look forward to seeing if such a cartogram will appear in the local elections and the National Assembly elections in Korea.



There is also false information visualization, so you should be suspicious of what you see.


When creating documents, presentations, or products, the part that deals with data visualizes information.

It seems that it has been about 20 years since the field of information visualization began to appear in HCI. When making a product, not only meaningful information but also tasks need to be moved to the UI and interact with the user, so it seems natural for the field of information visualization to arise in HCI. First of all, there are a lot of visual interfaces, so you can see a lot more than today's voice interfaces.

You can find inspiration for these visual visualizations and interactions in animation or science fiction movies. In addition, it seems that there is a lot to learn if you look closely at the fact that these statistics are visualized through the media.


Makes a difference of 0.4% three times

(photo source)



Cartogram of the 19th Presidential Election Results

The following is a cartogram of the election results of the Democratic Party candidates Moon Jae-in and Hong Jun-pyo in Slow News.

The difference seems stark.

Cartogram of the 19th Presidential Election Results
(Image Source Slow News)


Information visualization is to make numbers easier for people to understand. Conversely, there are media and report materials that distort data by widening the bar graph difference.

Or, even when I create it, I think I should be careful because it may distort the data if I didn't intend to.




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