Where can I leave off-topic messages on my blog

Many personal website owners and bloggers put funny pictures in their guestbooks to get their visitors to write them.

I didn't really think much of keeping a guestbook while creating my blog.

However, recently, a foreigner saw an article about shopping and posted an article looking for a developer as a comment on the article (I deleted it), and someone who knows me Comment on a recent post with a message to say helloraised to

When I asked a blogger around me how the guest book was being used, he said that there were contents that could not be directly posted in the guest book. Some people ask for their regards, and some people say that when they write a comment, they introduce themselves in the guestbook first.

I think I also need a space where I can leave content rather than discussion about the article.

Must be able to comment on comments (thread comments)
Unlike other comments, in the guestbook, the owner often replies to other people's comments, so a threaded comment function is probably needed. A threaded comment is a comment on a comment, which is displayed in relation to the original comment.

Comments should be paged, with the most recent post at the top.
Comments should be paginated because comments are continuously left on one page. Usually, comments continue to run at the bottom, so you have to read all the previous posts to see the last comment. It seems like the discussion should continue at the bottom, but the guestbook is not a place for discussion, so we need a feature where the latest comments are at the top.

Articles in the guestbook should be distinguished from the latest comments
Since the guestbook post is not a topic discussion, it should be able to display the latest comments separately from the comments on the post.

WordPress guestbook plugin (tp-guestbook)
Among the above three requirements, a plugin that satisfies the first two was found and installed.
It is tp-guestbook (http://082net.com/2006/483/wp-tp-guestbook-plugin), and the installation method is explained in great detail, so it is easy to install and has good functions.

Basically, because the guestbook uses the comment system, it was not possible to display the latest comments separately from the comments on the post. I think we should just listen to the latest comments from users with or without a topic.

Now, content that is not a direct comment on the article  GuestBook You can leave it by clicking .

I think the visitors of my blog do not use the guestbook in the following situations.
1. When I want to tell a story other than a post on my blog
2. When you want to say hello to me
3. If you want to link with me by leaving a blog address, you can just send me an e-mail directly, but in the end, if you leave your blog or homepage in the guestbook, I wonder if this will become another sidebar link.

For this purpose, rather than the name of the guestbook, a name such as Free Discussion, Leave a Message, or leaving a greeting would be better. By the way, the label for commenting is 'Leave a Message'. ugh... I'll just go with the old name, guestbook.

If the guestbook when I was running a personal website for 1996 years from 5 was like to see what I made and leave a trace, the guestbook I am currently wearing is a channel where visitors can leave content other than direct discussion about my writing. can see. The form eventually became a guest book, but the purpose seems to be a little different.


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