Maple Path, National Cemetery Walking Course

I heard that the autumn leaves of the Hyeonchungwon are pretty, but I never went and went on the weekend.

I was trying to figure out which course to take Articlefound

National Cemetery walking course


I thought it was a walking path inside the Hyeonchungwon, but after coming out of Exit 3 of Dongjak Station, walking the 2nd course of Dongjak Chunghyo-gil outside the hyeonchungwon, going through the entrance gate of the hyeonchungwon in the direction of Sangdo-dong and coming out through the main gate.

The road outside the Hyeonchungwon is Dongjak Chunghyo-gil Course 2, which I walked with my family a long time ago. have.


i love RamblerI searched and there was no such koso.

I recorded it as I walked and recorded it with Trello to help others.


Below is the word press by downloading gpx from Rambler. WP GPX Maps pluginto indicate gpx with


Download the GPX file:  Hyeonchungwon gpx (127 downloads)

You can upload gpx files to Naver Cafe. I was going to be able to include photos as well as routes, but I couldn't do that, and it's a pity that I graduated from the cafe.

Statistics recorded by Rambler.
It's only about 2 hours at a normal pace. If you walk slowly, it will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Come to think of it, I think I just walked slowly, except for taking a break with water.

It also records the Apple Watch exercise app, allowing you to see changes in time and heart rate for each kilometer. The first time I went up the stairs from Exit 3, it was easy several times in the middle, but it seems that my heart rate was 156 at that time.

Cemetery Walk Apple Watch Exercise App Heart Rate

If you only see the autumn leaves of the Hyeonchungwon, you can go straight through the east gate or the main gate from Exit 4 of Dongjak Station and turn around.


National Cemetery



It is a place where I volunteered to paint the letters on tombstones in black when I was a new employee.

National Cemetery Autumn Leaves

I took a photo to guide you by location, and you can see it right away on the Rambler site.  Hyeonchungwon walking course + autumn leaves am. I took a lot of pictures of the leaves.

Rambler can write a photo or memo at any time while recording the route, and upload it all at once when finished.

When adding photos to the Naver Blog App, it's a bit disappointing that I couldn't do anything else while creating a function that clustered similar places or times to upload photos.


November 11th, it seems that the autumn leaves haven't gone down yet. Even if you go this weekend, you can see yellow and red autumn leaves.

Map of autumn leaves | my map


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