Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, how to clean the sensor, “The sensor has not been cleaned for a long time”

A toy that works with a smartphone, Xiaomi robot vacuum cleanerA few days ago, the following notification was sent:

The sensor has not been cleaned for a long time. Please clean it.

If you open the app in English, you will see something like this:

You need to clean the sensor now


When I open the app, it says that 58 hours have been used and 0% left. If the sensor is 0% left, should I change the sensor?

xiaomi vacuum cleaner sensor cleaning


How to clean the sensor

I read that it was recommended to clean the sensor every 30 hours of use. Instead of replacing the sensor, simply wipe it and press a button in the app.


  1. Wipe the four black sensors on the back of the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner and the two on the side with a wet tissue or toilet paper.
  2. I cleaned it by pressing the 'Cleaned' button in the app.



If you press the button, it asks if you have cleaned it, and if you press OK, the time is reset.

xiaomi vacuum cleaner sensor cleaning
Then you have 100% left. After 30 hours, wipe the sensor part with toilet paper and press the button after cleaning.

xiaomi vacuum cleaner sensor cleaning

Fortunately, the sensor was wiped rather than replaced. It's the first time I've asked you to wipe the outside of the sensor other than replacing the consumables, but I think you can do it.

For IoT products that start with a sensor, it seems necessary to inform them to wipe well in the case of a sensor rather than replacing parts like this.



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