What is my inclination towards the two dogs that do not cry?

There is a famous story about the three heroes of the Warring States period in Japan to make the two birds sing.


If you don't cry, I'll kill you.Oda Nobunaga (1534 to 1582)

If you don't cry, don't make it ring Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537 to 1598)

If you don't cry, don't wait until you cry Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543 to 1616)


In fact, these people are not talking about themselves, Source of cigars from the Edo periodIt is said

In general, it is said that these three people's personalities are well expressed.


However, seeing that he kills birds that do not cry, Oda Nobunaga seems to have an urgent or cruel personality. saying nothere is also Perhaps Oda Nobunaga broke the common sense and customs of the past and made such an expression.

Without needing to dig further and get the facts, I thought about it for a moment with just the word itself.

I looked up the year of birth and death to see if this item was a demand of the times, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Tokugawa Ieyasu lived a little longer, but he seems to have lived in the same era.

Then, if it is not a requirement of leadership in a certain era, it may be viewed as one of several strategies. Instead, it seems that the personality of an individual can have a greater influence than the strategy that can be chosen.

If I change it to my liking,

It can be viewed as directly innovating the present, making others move, and waiting for others to move.

Sometimes innovating yourself, sometimes moving others, sometimes waiting can be an effective strategy.

And individual inclinations and abilities seem to have a larger tendency rather than one of them.

I think it is necessary to know what kind of disposition I am and to act according to the demands of the current situation.

In addition to the political and economic times, I think it is a necessary disposition or quality depending on the early and mid-term phases of the company, such as early, mid-term, market entry, good times, or service establishment and stable operation.

In my case, it was used to create a city in an empty field that no one was allowed to do, or to change the present rather than the way it used to be, and I think I actually chose it. In one leadership training when I was a manager, I had a tendency to be a field commander or leader of the opposition party. At the same time, there are not many things I can do alone in the world, so I have to get others to move, and I think I waited.

There are various inclinations, qualities, and abilities, and there are requirements for each situation of the times, and I need to know what inclinations, qualities, and abilities I have, so I need to know when to leave and when to retreat. Even if you don't, you should know how to do it.

The story of a two-dog bird that doesn't cry is a common saying, but I just thought of this and that.


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