Mounting AirPods on MacBook

There are times when I listen to music on my AirPods and take them off for a while. I usually just put it on my desk.

However, if you are using a MacBook, you can stick it on your MacBook. I found it by accident while searching.

There are magnets on the top left and right sides of the black border of the MacBook screen, so you can stick AirPods there as shown in the picture.


Attaching AirPods to MacBook


The whole upper part is not a magnet, but only in that part like the picture.


Why is there a magnet here?

If you close the lid, it goes into sleep mode.Your device's magnets can put your Mac notebook computer to sleep' help was found.

I don't know if there's actually a magnet for this reason, but it's fun to be able to stick AirPods to your MacBook.

The problem is, I don't know what happens if I close the MacBook with the AirPods attached to it.

When the AirPods are not in use, they need to be charged, so put them in a case to charge them. When the desk is cluttered, the AirPods have feet and sometimes disappear.



AirPods Pro will also be attached to the M1 MacBook Air

I lost my AirPods AirPods ProI bought Buying a new M1 MacBook AirSo I put it on once and it sticks.


There is a magnet to hold the MacBook when the lid is closed, but it seems that the magnet is in the same position as the M1 MacBook Air uses an existing body.



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