All-in-One Gestures FireFox Extension

mouse gesturerefers to using the computer by moving the mouse while clicking the mouse. Mouse Gestures in FirefoxThere is an extension that can do this.

If you are addicted to this, you will make mouse gestures even in IE or explorer.

After installation, right-click and drag the mouse. It is displayed in red above the web page.


back one page

In Firefox, hold down the right button and drag the mouse to the left to press the back button. It's really convenient to be able to use the back button with the mouse on the web page instead of pressing the back button on the browser toolbar.



one page forward

The function of the Forward button to go forward one page is the opposite of Back. Just hold down the right mouse button and draw from left to right.


detailed gestures can be seen in

It is very convenient to use the back button on a mouse that does not have a four-button mouse and has a wheel and left and right buttons.


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