Change RSS address to FeedBurner

I changed my blog RSS address to FeedBurner . So the new rss address of my blog I created is 


If you use feedburner

1. Subscribers can continue to subscribe without change even if the rss address of my blog changes.

Feedburner provides a logical RSS address, so anyone who subscribes to the RSS address provided by feedburner can subscribe to it even if the URL of my blog changes.

It's like, which changes the web site and email address instead of around 96, and it's similar to a service that allows you to access a dynamic IP computer by name. 

All the risks are distributed to this address, but one day, if it is changed to a paid service or the service is lost, it will be out of date. In the past, has changed to a paid service, and a service that changes dynamic IP to a name has also changed to a paid service.
If you enter , the content is displayed as seen in the RSS reader, not in the unreadable XML format of the existing RSS.

2. Bloggers can find out how many people subscribe through feedburner.

When I look at bloglines, there are 16 people who subscribe to my blog, but I don't know how many people who haven't used Bloglines, such as the client program, are subscribing. Of course, I am not writing a blog hoping for subscribers, but as I write, I am curious about the number of subscribers. You can check how many people subscribe to feedburner.

How to use feedburner
Want to know how many subscribers to my blog's RSS feed? is described in detail.

To subscribe to my blog by RSS

To register for bloglines just click Subscribe in NewsGator Online, Click to register immediately.

To subscribe to another RSS reader, enter in the RSS address field.

To change an existing rss address in wordpress to a feedburner address

You just have to edit the files of the template you use.

In my case, the RSS link at the bottom and right side of the blog was also changed to feedburner, and the WordPress template was changed so that it could be done directly in the live bookmark in Firefox, and the source is as follows.

1. Change the address of the meta tag: header.php

I don't know exactly, so I changed everything.

2. Bottom of page: footer.php
Entries Feed (RSS)

3. Right RSS icon and bloglines registration button: sidebar.php       


I hope doesn't switch to paid or shut down.


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