2005 ACM Turing Prize Winner, Peter Nauer

ACM (www.acm.org) announced the Turing Award on March 3st, and it was said that Peter Naur received the newsletter after registering as a member of ACM.

Naur Naur, it's a familiar name, but I couldn't remember it, so I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Kya~ Backus-Naur form from Compiler class in Computer Science http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backus-Naur_Form ) that Nauer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Naur ) was. Wikipedia, that's cool. It was awarded on March 3, and it is said that he received the ACM Turing Award for the description of Peter Nauer on Wikipedia.

2005 – Peter Naur



For fundamental contributions to programming language design and the definition of Algol 60, to compiler design, and to the art and practice of computer programming


Portrait of Peter Naur taken 1968, courtesy of Robert M. McClure
(Portrait of Peter Naur taken 1968, courtesy of Robert M. McClure)


Turing Awards, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_award ) has been awarded annually by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) since 1966 to those who have made achievements in the field of computing. The Turing Prize is named after Alan Turing, a British mathematician and father of modern computers.


http://awards.acm.org/homepage.cfm?srt=all&awd=140 Ebony could see the winners from 1966.

Chronological Listing


2005 Naur, Peter

2004 Cerf, Vinton G.
2004 Kahn, Robert E.

2003 Kay, Alan

2002Adleman, Leonard M.
2002 Rivest, Ronald L.
2002 Shamir, Adi

2001 Dahl, Ole-Johan
2001 Nygaard, Kristen

2000Yao, Andrew Chi-Chih

1999Brooks, Frederick P.

1998 Gray, James

1997 Engelbart, Douglas

1996 Pnueli, Amir

1995 Blum, Manuel

1994Feigenbaum, Edward
1994 Reddy, Raj

1993 Hartmanis, Juris
1993 Stearns, Richard E.

1992 Lampson, Butler W.

1991 Milner, Robin

1990Corbato, Fernando J.

1989Kahan, William (Velvel)

1988 Sutherland, Ivan

1987 Cocke, John

1986 Hopcroft, John
1986 Tarjan, Robert

1985 Karp, Richard M.

1984 Wirth, Niklaus

1983 Ritchie, Dennis M.
1983 Thompson, Ken

1982 Cook, Stephen A.

1981 Codd, Edgar F.

1980 Hoare, C. Antony R.

1979 Iverson, Kenneth E.

1978 Floyd, Robert W.

1977 Backus, John

1976 Rabin, Michael O.
1976 Scott, Dana S.

1975 Newell, Allen
1975 Simon, Herbert A.

1974 Knuth, Donald E.

1973Bachman, Charles W.

1972 Dijkstra, EW

1971 McCarthy, John

1970 Wilkinson, JH.

1969 Minsky, Marvin

1968 Hamming, Richard

1967 Wilkes, Maurice V.

1966 Perlis, AJ.

Bonnie Backus-Naur Form's Backus was already received in 1977, Naur in 2005. Why?

Since Nauer was born in 1928, he received the award at the age of 78. Simon and Herbert A shared the award with Newell in 1975 for their contribution to artificial intelligence. Simon was born in 1916, so he received the Turing Prize at the age of 59, and he received the Nobel Prize in 1978, so he was 62 years old at that time.

Even if you leave outstanding achievements, you will be rewarded by living long enough.

Just in case, Hangul Wikipedia (http://ko.wikipedia.org/), and surprisingly, there is a list of past awards. There was only 2004, so 2005 was added.

And, Peter Naur of Hangul Wikipedia (http://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Naur) and inserted a short content.

I first joined Wikipedia to do this. I can't see the Korean Wikipedia, but I also wanted to contribute, so I signed up and edited it.

In 2004, while testing the usability of the beta version of the Knowledge Search Wiki, I had never posted anything on Wikipedia as well as the Knowledge Search Wiki.


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