Moving windows when using dual monitors

I use a laptop and a PC together at work, and I use a dual monitor on the laptop by attaching a monitor switch. The resolution of this laptop is only 1024*768, and the dual monitor supports 1280, so you can use a browser or other document creation program on the dual monitor. However, when I go to a meeting, I take my laptop with me, and the browser or program is on the dual monitor side.

Every day I would right click on the task bar and hit close to close it and then run it again, but seeing what Yoda does, I figured out how to bring it to the laptop screen without closing it. If you right-click the program on the monitor side on the task bar and click Move as shown in the figure, it is not visible on the laptop screen, but the mouse remains clicked on the title bar of the browser. So, drag it to my laptop with the mouse, or drag it with the arrow keys on the keyboard.



When opening a file or saving a file in a program, a different method should be used to bring the dialog to the laptop screen. This is because the Windows standard dialog does not appear on the taskbar. If you open or close a file and the dialog is displayed, you can import the dialog to the laptop while unplugging the dual monitor cable as follows.

  1. Click the program you want to move on the task bar
  2. Press ALT + SPACE key, press Enter key. Then, the system menu of the dialog opens as shown in the figure, and move is selected.
  3. Move to the screen you want to move with the arrow keys on the keyboard



How to do this by leaving a comment on this post LOSER 님과   takemetothedisco That's the way you described it. Thanks to both of you.


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