Dealing with overtime

Reasons for working overtime

Why people do or have to work overtimethere is

If you only think about work, there seem to be three reasons why you have to work overtime, overtime, and weekend work.

  • urgent work (timing)
  • I have a lot of work (sheep)
  • Trying to do a better job (Jil)



urgent work (timing)

Whether it's a new job or a job you've been doing before, the delivery date is suddenly shortened or you have to do it by tomorrow.

If your boss asks you to do it by tomorrow, you have no choice but to work overtime because you don't have enough time.

Of course, bosses aren't the only ones changing the timing of work. You can also change the collaborators you work with.

If a detailed designer and a developer have a meeting and have to materialize the specifications of something, and have to come out by tomorrow to meet the schedule, unless the delivery date is changed, the detailed designer may suddenly have to work overtime.

When I was a freshman, the head of the department I had a classmate with, when giving me work, always gave me work around the end of the working hour and asked to see me in the morning, so my classmates had a very difficult time. There are very few such bosses these days.

In this case, the due date is suddenly adjusted. Then you should try to reconcile with someone who has the authority to adjust the due date for the job. Do I have to hurry up by tomorrow?



I have a lot of work (sheep)

I have no choice but to work overtime when I have more work than the amount of work I can do for a set period.

However, it is only valid when people are viewed as machines, such as factories, and performance can be measured in quantity. If you work with your head or work with people, it is difficult to measure in quantity.

Managers can only predict what kind of work a person with a certain competency can do in what period and with what quality. And it seems that the company calculates salaries based on such competencies and provides incentives for performance.

Just as the name of the university scholastic ability test itself evaluates whether or not to enter a university based on the ability to study at a university, the company evaluates this person's ability by whether he can work and does well, and evaluates his/her ability. They assigned a rank and gave a salary band for each rank.

And, like the salary of a civil servant, roughly divide the position by year, thinking that it will do well over time, and then change it based on competency. Of course, these days, this system is meaningless, and it is becoming a structure where people who do well receive a lot, not years of experience.

It is difficult to measure the capacity or performance of a person who works with the head in terms of the amount of work.

However, since evaluation and compensation are unavoidable, you can try and adjust the amount of work.

Looking at a year or month, there are times when work is rushed and there are times when it is not, so the company will want to keep the number of people based on the highest, and workers like us will want to keep the number of people based on the lowest. If this story goes further, it goes to the left and right in economics and philosophy.

In any case, if an organization or person has to work a lot of overtime, the company should hire more competent people or provide them with training to improve their capabilities. We have to claim that.



To do a better job (Jil)

If my actual competency falls short of the competency required by the job, it will inevitably require more time.

If it's a new job, if it's challenging even if it's something I've been doing, or if I want to do better, I think that might be the reason.

In fact, in this case, the manager has to adjust the delivery date from the beginning. Or, you need to change it to a person with the necessary capabilities, or add more competent people. Of course, there are cases where the quality of work is achieved because there are many people, but in many cases it is done by people who are good at it.

Even if you do not have enough work skills, you should try to estimate whether you can do it at the beginning and talk with your manager if you can't. Otherwise, managers may be unable to adjust due dates, replace other people, or add more people and things may go awry.


When I think I've done it to some extent, I change the domain of my work. I used to change jobs, but it seems difficult to change jobs over time.

In a big way, everything is there, but the details are all new. So you have to learn quickly. And you have to reach the highest level in the field to do your job properly. So, in order to secure the minimum quality, you have to work with your buttocks. In order to think from the root, learn from people, think while taking a walk during commuting time and on weekends, and find answers in your dreams. I woke up this Sunday morning while drawing a framework from my dream. But I can't think well ㅠㅠ I mainly do the things I want to do, and I only think about those things all day. In the beginning, you have no choice but to work overtime. But it is overtime that cannot be measured.



If you need to work overtime, overtime/weekends: you should talk to your maternal manager or someone who can adjust the due date of your work


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Why leaders should look at overtime/overtime/weekend stats


There was a time in a company where you could see the organization's overtime statistics at any point in time.

There must have been some who abused this to encourage overtime work or used it as a criterion for organizational evaluation.

In my case, once every few months, I looked at overtime statistics with the team leader or managers.

This is to see if we need to hire more people or if we need to coordinate work between people.


Due to the nature of each organization's work, there are times when all members of the organization are busy, and there are times when it is not.

However, if an organization has a high number of overtime throughout the year, it means there is a shortage of people. So we need to hire more people for that team. Or you have to adjust the amount and timing of the work.

Due to the nature of work, there are times when an entire organization is busy and other times it is not.

Some people continue to work overtime or work weekends. You need to interview the team leader or the head of the organization to find out what is so urgent. Is it always rushed, or is the person doing it to do better?

Overtime work is basically not to be done, but if a person has not yet been hired and the average number of overtime hours is, if a person does not work overtime, you should look at the contents and results of that person's work. Whether the work coordination is wrong, or the seat is not well established, or whether the mind is floating.


Have a good schedule and let your manager know

Working overtime may increase the amount of work by increasing the amount of time, but the actual productivity will decrease. Thinking about overtime in advance may reduce your concentration during working hours.

If I have to spend time doing news, shopping, social media, and working overtime during working hours, I think this is my own fault. Now that Hoeshi has to pay me a few percent of my hourly wage, and the CEO will be arrested if I exceed 52 hours.

Make a well-planned schedule and talk to the manager, focus on work time Should be. In addition, you should discuss with your manager whether overtime, overtime, or weekend work is absolutely necessary.



From July 7st, you can only work 1 hours a week, and the maximum cannot exceed 40 hours.

It is natural, but the reason why it is an issue is that our society still sees from that point of view that our fathers' generations in developing countries still worked to death.

Humanity still has no answer to the right or leftist ownership of the tools of production, whether it will benefit the capitalists so that they can hire workers, or whether the workers will work and the workers consume will benefit workers. Maybe it's the subjective point of view that each human being has.

Managers of knowledge workers will be frustrated if they can't measure how much time something will take. However, it is difficult to measure what people do like a machine, but if you do, people will find a way. Humans have adapted to change that way.

It would be nice to see a change in the work system that allows you to think about and change the way you work and your attitude.




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