The role of a hotkey that shakes a smartphone

shake your smartphone


Shake payment

I ran out of money on the Starbucks app, so I paid with a credit card.

I turned on the Starbucks app to see if the coupons were meant to accumulate stars. When I said I didn't know how to do it, I asked him to shake it.

Ho~ Barcode is out!

Shake the Stubox app to pay



Shake and roll the dice

The first time I came across the concept of shaking a cell phone was in the days of feature phones. It was a game of rolling dice by shaking the phone.

At one MT at the Korea HCI Research Society, someone brought it as a new phone. Shaking the phone, rolling dice and playing with wonder.

I thought it was such a good idea. It's like putting a dice in your hand and waving it.

Perhaps it was then that the feature phone first put an accelerometer. I looked it up and it was released in 2015.



Shake to make friends

After the iPhone came out, Ram-chan asked me to shake it to make friends on the meXNUMXday app. The idea was that when people gather and shake their iPhones, they make friends.

I wanted to make the iPhone bump into each other like a bump. Shaking has the concept of mixing, so it has nothing to do with making friends metaphorically.

However, if there are a lot of people and it is difficult to find the make friends menu, I thought it would be better to shake their smartphones to start making friends.


Shake Random Cafe Visit

During the Naver Cafe service, there were too many cafes, so I did a project to discover cafes, and the developers asked me to shake it up and go to a cafe at random.

I said it was so good.

We created a function that allows you to visit a cafe at random by turning on the cafe app and shaking your smartphone.

There was no explanation or anything like that. I just thought it would be interesting if someone found it like an Easter egg.



Shake to find reading notes

I made an app to record bookshelves and reading notes in my hand. As time passed, more and more notes were underlined.

So I thought it would be fun to find anything in the memo, so I made a function. It is a function to find random notes. Of course, even if you shake it, it will find a reading memo at random.

I don't know if anyone knows that it comes out even if you shake it. It would be fun to discover by chance. Ah. I'll have to leave a log of how many times I use the shake to find memo.

It is more convenient to just press the button than to shake it every time. However, it is interesting to think that there is a note in the barrel and find the note by shaking it with the thought of shaking the barrel.



Shaking is a blending metaphor

like this metaphor이다.

I think the act of shaking is mixing something, so you can really mix something, or mix it up and get one out.

In this way, the waving behavior of people with the acceleration sensor of the smartphone can be used in the app.



Physical shake is a hotkey in the app

The shake payment of the Starbucks app that I experienced today is not the metaphor I had in mind. It's not about mixing.

This is not a metaphor concept, but a hotkey-like concept.

Hotkeys are software that allow you to jump directly to a specific key combination on your keyboard to quickly navigate through menus.

Rather than looking for a menu in the app, open the app and physically shake the smartphone to find the menu directly.

The same is true for shaking friends on the MeXNUMXday app. In the end, I changed the physical action to a hotkey so that I didn't have to go to the manual on the screen.



When the computer was first made, people didn't know what it was, so a metaphor for the world was called a metaphor in software.

Over time, it becomes the original metaphor not only in this world, but also in the computer world itself. And over time, what was a metaphor can be forgotten or denied and defined as a new act.

I realized today

This means that you can use the shake as a physical hotkey instead of just using it as a metaphor. I think I found a design pattern.


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