Check the elapsed time to home/work with the iPhone Today widget

Today on iPhone

Swipe right from Home on iPhone to see where it appears. Today It is said

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Here, if the iPhone apps provide the today extension, you can choose to display them in the form of widgets.



How long will it take to get home if I leave now?


One of the things I wanted to see in Today was how long it would take to get home by car.

I was going to make this with Apple Maps or Google Maps API, but I waited because I wondered if Maps or Navi apps would make it anyway rather than studying and making it.

Then, a widget called 'Google Travel Time' appeared on Google Maps, but for some reason it has never worked since I first installed it.


I was hoping that Naver Map, T Map, and OneNavi apps, which are real-time navigation apps, would support these widgets, and I looked every time I updated them for several years, but there was none.



You can know the real-time required time with the widget of the Kakao Navi app.


After installing the Kakao Navi app, I was finally able to do what I wanted.

Even in 30-minute increments, the estimated time required according to the departure time came out.

Navi app or car built-in navigator or custom home and work settings, you can see the time required for departure from home and home from work.


Kakao Navi iPhone Today Widget


I saw the concept of Today for the first time in Outlook 98, created and used my own portal page, and used the dashboard widget of Mac. Ever since the iPhone's Today widget came out, I've been making and writing my own Today by adding things to my Today, but it seems to be much more useful as a widget as an app.



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