AirPods sleeve, less out of ear

AirPods for walking, hiking or commutingThe thing I was worried about before buying it was that it wouldn't fall out of my ears easily.

When I actually used it, it didn't come out that well, but when I suddenly turned my head, the right side fell out well. It seems that my right ear is a bit large.

In fact, the right side of the Apple bundled earphones fell out well, so over-ear headphonesI have been using the Inner earphones.

When other people searched for one, there was a way to use a so-called 'slave', or to use a cotton-like thing from an existing earphone and insert it into the AirPods.

What you need to check is whether this goes into the charger with it plugged in when you put it on the AirPods.

I looked it up and it turned out to be one product.


Airpods sleeve


AirPods sleeve bought that



It's a small rubber, but it looks like it's done some research.


AirPods Slave


It's not very cheap, but I bought it to keep it from falling out of my right ear.



Fit the AirPods sleeve

There is a video guide


I put water on it and put it in as instructed. It wasn't that difficult.

Note that there is left and right, and the one with something convex is the left.



It takes one time to close. but it is closed

Because the AirPods sleeve wasn't originally planned by Apple, it doesn't just close when the lid of the charger is closed, it burns slightly and closes when pushed further.

How much does it close anyway?


Does not slip out of your ears

It's not very slippery, but I think it's better than without the sleeves.

It was a little baggy in my right ear, but it seems better.


The AirPods, which are made smooth to make them look pretty, are made to soak up the oil well in the ears and become shiny, and those with larger ear holes will fall out by turning their head.

It is an issue of aesthetics and usability, which is an old issue of HCI.


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