Control AirPods with Siri

AirPods without control buttons

AirPods for walking, hiking or commutingI bought a , but there are no buttons to operate.

AirPods are Bluetooth earphones that are connected to the iPhone, and volume control and play/pause are done with the iPhone.

However, the difference from other Bluetooth earphones is that it can be operated with words through Siri.


Double-tap the AirPods to have Siri

By default, double-tapping left or right will launch Siri.

You can talk when you walk alone, but if you talk to yourself on the subway or when there are people, you might look like a crazy person, so in my case, I changed the left tab to Pause/Play.

Still, it was useful when I was walking alone. If there is a lot of car noise, I can't hear it very well.

next things you control with sirisummarized.



Volume control: “Volume down”, “Volume up”, “Volume 50%!”

To increase or decrease the volume step by step: “Turn up the volume” and “Reduce the volume”.

Instead of volume, I could hear it.

Just set it and adjust the volume in %.

When setting the volume by what percent: “Set the volume to 50%” or “Set the volume to 50%”, “Set the volume to 50%”


Play/Pause/Song Move: “Stop the music”

When to stop: “Stop the music”, “Pause the music”

When playing: “Play music”, “Play music”

To skip to the next song: “Next song” or “Send to the next song”


To answer or end a call: double tap

To answer an incoming call: Double-tap your AirPods

To hang up while on a call: Double-tap the phone


Talking to Siri through AirPods feels like the main character in the movie Her

In my case, I put my AirPods in my ear for a walk, hiking, or commuting, but I can't talk to Siri when there are people, and I take out my iPhone.

However, if you talk to Siri without taking out your iPhone on a walking trail where no one is, it's like movie I feel like I'm the main character of 'Samantha' and having a conversation.

I don't know if it's just me, but it's just changed to using AirPods instead of talking to Siri on iPhone or Mac, and that's how I felt.

movie her


Operation through Siri is only possible when you are alone

AirPodsThere are no buttons like Apple. When you put it in your ear, it connects to your iPhone, and when you put it in the battery case, it charges.

We always worry about simplicity and functionality, operation method, purpose of use, and domain, but no product sacrifices functionality for design simplicity as much as Apple.

If you talk to yourself while walking or running, you do something, but it seems that you can unlock the functions you want with your voice rather than buttons or screens. Voice recognition technology is still far away, but it seems to be coming out now.



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