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I listen to music or podcasts while walking or commuting to work. In winter, I use Bose headphones as a substitute for earplugs, but in other seasons it is difficult to use. Since they are noise-cancelling headphones, I have to turn off the noise-cancelling function through the app when I go out on the street, so I only use Bose headphones when it's cold enough to wear earplugs.

These days, I have lost my Bluetooth earphones, so I am using wired earphones when I buy an iPhone X.

People are really lazy, they have wired earphones in their pockets, but it's annoying to unpack them and plug them into the iPhone, so they just walk. So I was debating whether to buy another Bluetooth earphone.


If it's not an in-ear earphone, the earphone in one ear keeps coming out, and it looks like the bundled earphone was cut, so I didn't really think about the AirPods.

However, people around me who use AirPods say they don't like it, so I decided to try the AirPods this time rather than buying a new Bluetooth earphone.

I have to buy AirPods, but I couldn't find much reason to buy them, but in fact, I just created a reason to buy them in the spring breeze! haha


5 won cheaper if you buy it in Japan

this year AirPods 2nd Generation RumorsThere is, but it was then, so I asked the person going on a business trip to Japan.

219,000 won at Apple Store in Korea to do , 16,800 yen in Japan  do. Since the price is exclusive of tax, you can get an 8% tax refund with your passport. I bought it for 169,000 won. That's about $5 cheaper.

I also bought the iPhone X from the Apple Store in Japan and bought it much cheaper,  I bought the Bose Qc 35 about 17 won cheaper than Korea..


Better than bundled earphones

AirPods seem to cut only the bundled earphone wires.

AirPods and bundled earphones

However, it did not fall out even when I actually wore it in my ear and walked, ran, or shook my head up and down.

Since there is a battery, it is heavier than the bundled earphones, and since there is no wire, it does not get caught in the hand or bag, so there is nothing more to fall out.

However, since they are not in-ear earphones, they do not fall out. It is said that among the people who used AirPods around, one of them fell through the company elevator and found it.



I thought it would look strange, but I don't know after a second

I don't know if it's just me, but when I see someone wearing AirPods, it's like walking around with a cigarette butt in their ear.

It seems that the bundled earphones only cut the wires, so there should be more wires, but there is a feeling that something is missing.


In fact, this is also the reason why I was hesitant to purchase AirPods, but after I actually put them in my ears, I couldn't think of it. Also I can't see myself


AirPods case like a small IQOS charger

When I first took the AirPods out of the packaging and opened the lid, the thought I had was like a mini version of the IQOS cigarette charger.



I don't smoke, but I go to smoking places and talk to people who smoke, but it seems like most of the smokers around me use IQOS, so I guess they're used to the IQOS charger first.

IQOS in Japan September 2015first appeared in AirPods were first introduced in September 2016. Now that it's out, IQOS doesn't seem to have copied the AirPods.

Of course, AirPods are incomparably smaller and much prettier.


You'll get used to the shape of this cigarette butt, just as the white earphones on the iPod become a trend.

When the iPod first came out, the earphones were all black, and the iPod offered white wired earphones.

So people who wear white wired earphones have things like fashion and pride. Following the iPod, the iPod touch and iPhone white bundled earphones were provided. It felt like a premium Apple product, but after that, other smartphones also provided a white line.

There was also an advertisement for Apple's iPod.

You can often see people using AirPods on the street these days. It still looks like a cigarette butt to my eyes, but many people who use it will get used to it.


Pairing with iPhone, the fastest in the world. No, there doesn't seem to be any pairing.

AirPods must be paired with an iPhone to listen to music on the iPhone. However, when I opened the lid of the AirPods to such an extent that the concept of pairing did not seem to me, the connection was established.
Pairing iPhone and AirPods


When making wearables, it was not easy to pair a wearable with a smartphone, so I applied for a patent on an idea while devising it. However, the pairing method between the iPhone and AirPods felt like there was no such thing as Pay Lung. .


AirPods are AirPods

Like other Apple product names such as iPhone and iPad, product names do not seem to be localized. It is written as AirPods in Korean, but it is AirPods on the Apple site. therefore Search for 'AirPods' on Apple's siteHowever, there is no information about the AirPods. Even if you search for AirPods on Apple's site like iPhones, you don't know when the day will come when they will search for AirPods.

But in Google Search Apple site with AirPodscan do. It seems to automatically change Korean to English. Google had come up with the idea of ​​making pages in other languages ​​searchable in their native language before doing this, but the idea is when and who will do it.



Expensive portable equipment that is always in danger of being lost

Many people carry a million-dollar item in their hands. that's a smartphone. It's convenient because it's portable, but it's easy to lose, so that's about 100 million won.

AirPods and Apple Watch

Oh my gosh! I am carrying The iPhone X is 256GB, so it costs 163 million What is the price of a laptop?

AirPods that are slid into and removed from the ear cost 22 won in Korea. You can buy bundled earphones for 3 won.

The iPhone fits snugly in the palm of your hand or in your pocket, while the AirPods slid over your ear. They don't fit in your ears like in-ear earphones.


Now it feels good to have another new experience to listen to music or podcasts while walking or commuting to work.


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