Is the blogger meeting an expert meeting or a reporter (?) meeting?

Reading articles registered as RSS on bloglines My First California Blogger Dinner I saw the article titled. Suddenly, what qualifications do I need to attend a blogger meeting? If I write a blog, will I be able to attend the meeting? Then a huge number of people would be able to gather... I thought.

If someone were to hold a "blogger meeting", why would you go there? Is the person hosting the meeting just for bloggers? Or what topic will you be doing? If it has a topic, then why is it a “blogger meeting”? It's not just "Web 2.0 meeting" or "travel meeting". If it's a blogger meeting, are you talking about the troubles of bloggers or tools needed for blogging?

Internet companies blogger meeting

Last year first glance user conference, Naver blogger meetingsaid to have done Google also bloggers meetingsaid to have done This can be found in the articles of several bloggers. Since the company invited bloggers, it seems that no one is going, and it seems that there are no bloggers. About this blogger meeting Controversy among bloggersthere was also

Reading the reviews of the bloggers who attended these meetings, it seems that they are people who repeatedly attend various meetings, and they appear to be famous (?) bloggers. What does famous mean? Are there many articles? Or am I strong-willed? What kind of influence(?) do people have on the general public because they have so many subscribers?

Last year I saw Internet companies holding so-called blogger conferences and wondered why they would do it. Is it marketing? It's not a focus group interview, and it's not even an expert conference... Oh no, is it an expert forum? Then maybe it was a meeting with experts in a field like the web, perhaps planning experts? If so, is it not a blogger meeting, but a meeting of experts in the field of programming and web planning, that is, a focus group interview? If it was a place to show new products and hear opinions, they might have been experts. I don't know anyone who actually attended those meetings, so I don't know if they were experts in a particular field.

Is a blogger conference like a press conference?

At work, I see a press conference hosted by the PR team, and I see articles appearing in various newspapers. As I read the participants' writings, Internet companies thought that blogger conferences were like reporters (?) conferences.

The reviews written by famous (?) bloggers who attended the meeting were Word of Mouth, what is it… Oh, there will also be a publicity effect through word of mouth effect. Reading the posts of people who have been to such a meeting, the content of the meeting seems to be a place to introduce certain things, like a press conference, and bloggers who attended the meeting write reviews on their blogs. Just like reporters attending press conferences and writing articles.

Let's hear from bloggers. Various websites, such as portals and media outlets, are calling bloggers. There is also a mention of word of mouth in the article.

Distinguish between bloggers and experts in their field

blog (blog) is to write a diary on the web as weB LOG of web log. It seems to be extended to personal media as a media concept such as news. Anyone who writes like a diary like Cyworld, or who writes what they did and do today on their blog, is eligible to attend the above meeting? It doesn't seem to me Because it's not a topic for bloggers, it's an issue on another topic.

Other than those who record their daily life on the web, those who scrap information, and those who have an identity on the Internet instead of a website, bloggers who look like any professional person as above should not be treated as bloggers. Blogging just means to record on the web, so it should be distinguished from professionals.

If it is an issue about blogging itself, it is called "What is a blogger meeting", and it deals with blogger tools or blogging, and if you have a meeting with bloggers with many subscribers or writing like the above meeting, Sometimes it's not a "blogger meeting", but rather a "XXX service expert meeting" or a "XXX service user meeting".

Assuming that writers write with a ballpoint pen, is it correct to call it a "ballpoint user meeting" and to talk about a new novel? Or would the meaning of "writers meeting for a new novel" be more accurate?

Are you a blogger with professional qualifications?

If the meeting was an expert meeting, then all the experts present would be blogging experts.

In 1997, clairvoyant created a UI expert forum, and there was a meeting to discuss UI for clairvoyant service. At that time, I was a programmer, and I didn't even have a degree in HCI, but I was also called to come to Yongsan. I went and asked him, and he said he found me on the internet. I have been running the homepages for HCI and Delphi for about 1996 years since 5, and it seems to have caught on there. Perhaps until 1998, if you search for HCI and UI, I remember that my homepage was almost the only one in Korea. but Korea HCI Research SocietySince the beginning of the HCI bulletin board on my homepage is the predecessor, the Internet is a communication tool and a search tool.

Similar to the above, it could be that only bloggers are invited to attend. The person you find as the organizer of the meeting eventually becomes famous on the Internet. Then, a person who does not write a blog, writes a Cyworld, writes a website, or has no nest on the Internet is not an expert.

I think the blog is intentionally overemphasized.

my writing, Blog on Shopping Buying Decision MakingThe BBC's research referenced in the article on the influence of I keep thinking that blogging is not the act of keeping a diary on the web itself, but whether it is leading in a different direction or is it intentionally emphasizing it too much. It seems that podcasts, like blogs, are starting to do so, but what commercial intentions are hidden?

I've never seen an article about a blogger meeting this year. If there is a company that is planning, how about distinguishing it from a meeting with experts and a press conference for marketing purposes? If it is an expert meeting, I think it would be good to invite experts in a certain field even if they are not bloggers. A blogger who has a lot of subscribers may have some kind of power like a reporter.


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