Excuse me vs. Wait

Lately, I often hear "Hold on a second~".

In the subway or elevator, the person behind me walks out in front of me and says, "Wait a minute!"
The waiter who brought food from the restaurant said, "Wait a minute~"

something is strange... Are you telling me to wait a minute? Or are you saying that if you wait for a moment, it will pass?
Or are you saying excuse me for a second?

Isn't 'a little while' the meaning of time anyway?
Wouldn't it be more appropriate to say "Excuse me for a moment" or "Excuse me for a moment"?

I made a phone call a few days ago about insurance claims, and he said, "Wait a minute~" while saying that they would look for the data.

Uh, how does this fit? I think it means to wait a bit.

In my short English skills, "Hold on a moment" seems to be One moment please.
And, excuse me, seems to be "excuse me".

It seems to be clearer if the above is translated into English.

excuse me with one moment please

A few years ago, while having dinner with an American, he asked me if I had ever been to the United States and asked what I was thinking.

I was thinking while eating
They answered that the sounds they heard the most from Americans were "excuse me", "sorry", and "thank you".

When someone comes out of the bathroom entrance and faces me, they say "excuse me" first. I think I'm doing something wrong, but why?

In Korean, it is the same as saying "Excuse me" when you meet at the entrance to the bathroom.

So, when we have to say "Excuse me," aren't we talking about the time "Wait a minute"?

Can we do this in a country that was said to be a country of courtesy to the East? Could it be that Americans are more polite?

"Excuse me"
I intentionally say "Excuse me" when exiting through the door on the subway. Thinking in your mind, “I’m sorry for breaking the rules”??´ I see. Actually, wait a minute~ It seems easier to say.


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