How to change the directory where iOS simulator screenshots are saved

You can save a screenshot to your Mac by pressing Command + S in XCode's iOS simulator. The default storage location is the desktop, so if you don't organize it, the desktop will be filled with screenshots.

There must be a way to change the directory where screenshots are saved, but it wasn't in the simulator's menu. I searched to see if it would be possible to modify something like plist, but surprisingly, it was hidden by a hotkey method.

When saving a screenshot in the simulator, hold down the option key to save it.

  1. The original comment + S key is, but if you press Option + Command + S, a directory selection window appears as shown in the screenshot below.
  2. After changing the directory in Where
  3. Check Use this as the default location and click the [Save] button.

Change Xcode simulator screenshot

This will change the location where screenshots are saved from next time. In my case, the download folder was used as a temporary folder, so I changed it to the download folder.


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