How to continue communityization through blog comments?

Among the contents from the community, blog, and FGI about Cyworld users,

When I write on a bulletin board in the community, the content is mine, but in terms of saved location, it belongs to the community, not mine.

So, he said that he prefers to write on blogs or cyworld rather than communities. Instead, a blog is an individual, and a community is a group, so the community is used to have a voice.

The use of communities such as cafes declines from the use of blogs and cyworlds, because time is limited.

Some of our team members write on the bulletin board of KMS and send an e-mail to their e-mail address at the same time. There is a person who manages his own writing in the mailbox of his PC.

I try to think like this.


to be registered on the bulletin board and on my blog

When writing on a community bulletin board, what if I could post my blog address to the community and my blog at the same time?

What if, when commenting on someone else's post on the bulletin board, if I enter my blog address, my post will be uploaded to my blog, and someone else's original post will be linked to my blog?

This is a way of posting articles on both bulletin boards and blogs.

A bulletin board has only an address like a trackback, and it may be possible to have the actual article only be posted on my blog.

When registering a blog comment, also register on my blog.

Think similarly when commenting on your blog.

I comment on another person's blog post, and the post is saved on that person's blog.
And on my blog, I can't see my comments, and there are no links. So I don't know what comments I've made on other people's blogs.



Also, my comments are being debated as other people comment on them, and I don't know if I don't visit on my own.

When I reply to my blog, I go to that person's blog, and that's it.
There is no device to keep any relationship going.

When someone leaves a comment on my blog and responds to it as a comment, the first person who commented may not be able to see the comment I left.


To see a list of comments I've made on other people's blogs 

You can see a list of comments made by me and others on my blog. However, I can't see the list of comments on other people's blogs. When commenting on a blog, WordPress enters your name, email, address, and body text as shown in the picture.



Is there a way to make my comment list visible on my blog if I check something like an option in this field like a trackback?


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