Working hours and meeting times

It was a while ago. About 20 minutes before the start time, I was standing in front of the elevator on the first floor and saw someone running in. Heh, it's the boss.

“Is there a lot of traffic? I'm late too."

It was 20 minutes ago, but you said you were late!

What is the meaning of working hours?

Usually, each company has a set commuting time. Start at 7am, leave at 4pm, 8- 5, 9-6, 10- 7 . Of course, there are times when commuting times are stable.

If it's 9 o'clock, what time should I arrive?

Wouldn't it be okay if I sat down at my seat one second before 9 o'clock?

The manager, who was the part manager when I was a new employee, said:

“The time to go to work is not to come by then, but to start work from then”

At that time, the deputy director of our department said this.

“Commuting time is not the time to go to work until then, but the time to start working from then. So, come at least 20 minutes before work time to make a work plan for the day and prepare.”

I don't know if he has this mindset because he's a manager, not an employee, or if it's his personal attitude towards work. When I get lazy, I think about the basic attitude of these two people to work. (Since work hours are a different story, they are not discussed here.)

Whether you do it at work or at home, or whether you complete your working hours or not, if you measure your performance in terms of performance, sticking to these working hours won't make much sense.

meeting start time

At the start of the meeting, there were people who had not come yet, and there were a few times when they were not ready, so one day the boss said that.

“I wasn’t going to do it because it was nagging, but let’s keep the meeting time.”

That's not what one boss said. All the bosses I've seen said the same thing.

If the meeting starts at 9:9, can I arrive at the meeting room by XNUMX:XNUMX?

When I sit down to catch my breath, unfold the material, and when I use the beam project, it starts to connect at that time, and if there is no connection, it just flows for about 10 minutes.

I wonder if there are more cases where the start time of the meeting is not followed well, and the end time is not kept as well.

If we apply the standard of working hours discussed by my seniors here, the meeting start time seems to be the time when the meeting really starts when everything is ready.

In some meetings, equipment such as a beam project is required, and in some meetings, the weather or the current situation is discussed in order to introduce between meeting attendees or form a rapper.

There are people who haven't come to the meeting yet, and those who are coming in may not be able to start while installing the beam project. When that happens, I sometimes feel like everyone's time, including those of high rank, is being wasted.

There are a lot of waiting times because the previous meeting is not over yet, but if we are together instead of alone, we have to protect that time well.

In the case of the director's meeting, most of them come 10 minutes before the start and drink coffee and talk about various things.


Whether you do it at work or at home, or whether you complete your working hours or not, if you measure your performance in terms of performance, sticking to these working hours won't make much sense.

Under realistic working conditions, it would be better to arrive and prepare for the working hours and the meeting before the start of the meeting. However, it is difficult to always keep this obvious story in practice. It seems like it should always be kept in mind and should be made into a habit.


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