iPhone X Sales Strategies

When a new model of Apple's iPhone is released, the time of sale varies by country. In the case of this iPhone X, Korea was not the primary country. Japan, which is close to Korea, always enters the primary country, and can be purchased cheaper than Korea due to the recent weakness of the yen.

iPhone X

Sales in Korea started on November 11, and I bought the iPhone X while on a business trip to Japan before that. However, it was not easily available in Japan. If you order from the online Apple Store, it will be delivered in about 24 weeks in October and 10-4 weeks in November, although it depends on the time.

From <People who live in Seaviewya>, a blog I often visit Buy iPhone XAfter seeing this, I contacted this person and was able to hear some stories. This person said that he placed an order from the online store past the pre-order period, and said that if you wait in line for about 8 hours from 2 am, you can get 1 to 3 units.

It was within walking distance of the Shibuya Store and Omotesanto from the hotel I was on my business trip to, so I thought about waiting in line, but I decided to order online first.

I looked it up and found it at Asamo Cafe among Naver cafes. How to buy from the online storethere was

Inventory for each store in the Apple Store is released at 6 am every morning. When purchasing from the online Apple Store, if you change to store pickup, the stock is displayed for each store, and if you select a store that has stock, you can pick it up on the same day.

I started to try it from 5:30 on the day of my business trip, and at 6 o'clock, I saw that the Shibuya store had stock, shouted bingo, waited for the Japanese to be translated, and pressed the button, but it came out that there was no stock.

What I learned from failing is that the login session lasts for 15 minutes, that if the session is disconnected, you have to re-enter shipping information, etc., that the Google browser translation is much faster than the translation plug-in in Safari, and that the store's stock is checked and the It was to remember the next button to be pressed and make sure that it can be pressed immediately before being translated.

On the second day, at 5:45 pm, I entered all the shipping information, checked the store location map, and started refreshing at 5:59 pm. At 6 o'clock, the Omotesando Store was in stock! Following yesterday's failure, I immediately proceeded to payment by pressing the button! success!

iPhone X
I didn't receive the QR code because I didn't have a mobile phone, but I was able to check the order number and progress by email. And I went to lunch and picked it up. When I showed my passport, I canceled the previous payment and made another payment minus 8% tax.

While doing this, I thought that Apple seemed to be chasing people not only in marketing but also in sales.

How do you get your iPhone X from China every day? Nevertheless, it allows you to buy a few in the store every day. You can pick up several units from each store online every day, and if you actually go to the store and wait from dawn every day, you can buy several units right away.

It seems that new products can be received within a normal delivery period within a month or two after pre-ordering. Like the iPhone X, supply and demand may not be smooth due to the supply and demand of parts or different popularity than expected.

However, it does not mean that the prepared quantity is sold at once and not sold until the next shipment. Each store sells a few units each day. It makes people crave for it, but it seems to keep people's attention while doing this. Of course, it will be effective when there is a brand like Apple and there is an expectation for a new product.


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