mini cooper with headphones

sony headphone promotional mini cooper

In order to promote Sony's new headphone, MDR-XB700, they put headphones on the Mini Cooper, take a picture of the car and post it on the blog.

sony headphones mini cooper
(photo source)


The MDR-XB700 is terribly large and soft, so it's perfect to wear in winter, but the headphones on the Mini Cooper don't feel that way at all because the Mini Cooper is relatively large. For some reason these days, I want to use this style of headphones that seems to have a woofer.


( photo source)


Anyway, I think it's called headphones because it's written on a person's head, but I put those headphones on a car. It is interesting.

Where did you see it?


Yahoo with headphones! music logo

Yahoo! Bang (Y!) logo over headphones  Yahoo! music It was a logo.


yahoo! music

Yahoo! The music logo is Yahoo! The only logo change in The brand logo was managed by the UED team and was approved by Terry Samuel.


Yahoo! music mini cooper

USA Yahoo! When I went to the employee parking lot at Yahoo! I saw the mini copper and quickly took a picture.

yahoo mini cooper


I found more on Flickr.

yahoo music mini cooper(photo source)



yahoo mini cooper

(photo source)



Yahoo with headphones! music mini cooper

Yahoo! I thought it would be fun to put headphones on the Music Mini Cooper, so I have a Yahoo! I put Sony headphones on the Mini Cooper.

yahoo mini cooper



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