How to Fix Windows Powerpoint for Mac with Monitor Disconnected

If you use a Mac connected to a monitor and open a PowerPoint file while disconnecting the monitor, it does not appear on the screen. This is from which version of Mac Office it is. For reference, it is OS X 10.8.4, and PowerPoint for Mac is 14.3.4 (130416). Whenever Mac Office was updated, it was updated immediately. Just in case... but still.

The slideshow looks fine, but I can't edit it.

Even though the monitor is not connected, the location of the monitor appears to be displayed.


This has been bothering me for months.

I use it by connecting it to a monitor at my seat, and whenever I bring my laptop to a meeting, I can't open and edit the PowerPoint file.

I found out by chance yesterday. I was wondering if there was such a thing as sorting windows, so I went into the window menu, and there was a menu to sort as shown in the picture. Clicking this button brings up a PowerPoint window on the MacBook screen.




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