My Mac Essentials

When I switched from MacBook Pro to MacBook Pro Retina, I did a clean reinstall without using Time Machine. Mac-related tips and tools Mac tagI wrote it down, and even if it was cumbersome to rearrange it, I tried to organize it while reinstalling the Mac.

macbook pro retina

  1. keyboard related
    1. Change Korean/English conversion with shift+space keys
    2. Make the right option key a forward delete key
    3. Disable Caps Lock and change to Ctrl key
  2. Calendar, Contacts, Notes: Automatically synced when you log in to iCloud
  3. touchpad, mouse wheel
    1. Set the scroll direction of the touchpad to natural, Apply to mouse wheel scrolling
    2. Touchpad customization: Better Touch Tool
  4. font
    1. clear gothic font
    2. Nanum gothic font (Mountain Lion does not need to be installed, it is built-in)
  5. File Sync: dropbox
  6. Calendar, HDD/Memory monitor in menu bar: iStat Menu (pay)
  7. web browser
    1. Safari Bookmarks: Automatically Sync When You Sign In to iCloud
    2. safari addon
      1. flash playeradobe air
      2. getPocket
      3. evernote web clipper
      4. adblock
      5. Create Shortcut URL shortly2
      6. diigo
      7. 1password (in the 1password app)
    3. google chrome browser (Bookmarks and add-ons are automatically synced when you log in)
  8. memo: Evernote
  9. Korean-English pre-installation (OS X 10.9 contains Korean-English and Korean dictionaries)
  10. Messenger: Line messenger (Use the default messaging app without the need for Adium)
  11. unzip
    1. unzip rar
  12. Screen capture: Skitch (Prior to Evernote integration)
  13. video viewer
    1. MPlayerX
    2. wmv view
    3. View Subtitles with QuickTime Player
  14. screensaver
    1. flickr photo to screensaver
    2. flip clock
  15. lock the screen
  16. To-Do Management:  Things (pay)
  17. office
    1. Microsoft Office for Mac (pay)
    2. iWorks (pay)
  18. Photo management, video production: iLife (pay)
  19. Password Management: 1password (pay)
  20. Remote access: CoRD
  21. Web Hosting Editor: Tail (pay)
  22. View images: Xee 2.2
  23. Rename the file:  NameChanger
  24. To clean the app: appcleaner
  25. Papers, pdf management: Papers (pay)
  26. Mind Map: freehand
  27. writing: Scrivener (pay)
  28. To transfer photos/music to iPhone or iPad: iTools
  29. View the Hangul file below: Hancom Office Viewer
    1.  analog clock
    2. show itunes album cover
    3. Weather view WeatherDock (pay), LiveDockWeather (Paid, also on the menu), WeatherDock3 (when is it coming out)
    4. Put the application folder in the dock
  30. Alfred


There are plug-ins that I used in the past that can't be done these days, and WeatherDock doesn't work, but there seem to be some that aren't for sale yet. It seems that there are fewer essential apps than before.



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