Reduce PDF file size on Mac

When I converted the 27MB keynote file to pdf, it became 22MB. The file was too large to share.

I remember seeing and following tips for reducing PDF file size on Mac the other day, but failed. Still, I couldn't share the 22 mega PDF file, so I searched and found it.

Compressing a PDF file in Mac OS X 10.5 Help was in I don't know if this is a feature that is only available in OS X 10.5.

The method was simple. After opening the PDF with the Mac preview application, select 'Reduce File Size' for Quartz Filter in the dialog that appears when saving separately from the File menu (Windows' 'Save As' label) and save it.



The 22MB file was replaced with 1.4MB.

As you can see, the image quality seems to be poor. I wish there was a function to adjust the image quality.


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