There is no "Office Assistant" in MS Office 2007.

Office Assistant is an agent concept, not a tool, but an animation character, and at the same time, its purpose was to actively present help. Clippy, the “office guide” that has been in Office for 10 years now, will be removed from Office 12 next year.

“Office Guide” in the Office Office Assistant is nicknamed Clipppy. The Japanese version says that the default is dolphin. In Korea, there are dogs. In the US, it seems to be called Clippy because paper clips come out.

Office Assistant


Clippy first appeared in Office 97. At the time, there was a commotion in the ACM SIGCHI mailing because of Clippy.

As I recall, a famous HCI professor named Galman said that he was annoyed by the clips appearing over and over again. Then MS uploaded a white paper about Clippy. After that, there were no good things, and there were posts saying it was annoying.

In fact, Clippy sees users using it before asking a question in the help, and then doesn't it need something like this? It was created to predict the user's behavior and actively help the user. Clippy is an idea from MS Research related to social interfaces. It's about treating computers like people, not tools.

In 2000, while studying user behavior modeling, I came across a paper on Clippy in Microsoft Office. We collect the user's behavior and convert it into a Bayesian (Bayesian) to predict the user's next action using an algorithm. In the paper, there was a content that was put in Excel.

However, I have never heard of a user around me that a dog came out to help when they needed it, and I have never heard of it, nor was it found on any website.

It's fun to have help with characters like dogs, people, or clips, but if it's clumsy to predict the user's behavior, it seems to bother people.

Moreover, I'm working hard on a document, but it's a moving character, and if it suddenly appears in a corner or moves, I get distracted and get in the way of my work.

It is said that Office Assistant will be gone with Office 12. Instead, when writing a document, a toolbar appears around the cursor where you can format text. Will people be happy to hear this? Or will you be sad?

It is said that Office 12 started research in 3, three years ago, and it is said to be released in the second half of next year. If that's the case, then Microsoft has had Clippy for seven years. And users have been using it for 2003 years. I haven't been able to find any documentation on why Office 7 has decided to remove the Office Assistant yet, so I don't know the exact internal decision making. However, if there were complaints from users despite the advantages of anime characters and agents, I think we should have decided sooner.




    3. Why People Hate the Paperclip: PDF( )


PS. Office guides disappearing for the intuitive UI of MS Office 2007 in the Office Assistant has been covered.


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