interaction and feedback

This was written in our family newspaper on March 2002, 3. Hyunjun is six years old now, and this is the story of when he was 7 months old.

Hyeon-jun raised his index finger and pointed at the person, making bread! bread! if
My sister-in-law, me, and Hyun-jun's mother, the three of us pretended to fall.
(We had two gun fights, but at first I couldn't make a sound and only pointed my finger at people)

Point your finger at me to sail
I growled and screamed.
Hyun-jun changed direction and pointed his sister-in-law with a sailing finger.
My sister-in-law screamed and fell, and next time, Hyun-jun's mother fell screaming and falling.

Let's take down three (?)
I was excited by making a sound when I was in a very good mood.

For one, two, and three people, it seems to be the feedback that makes them excited about their actions (pointing their fingers).

When a 19-month-old child receives feedback about his/her behavior,
It also seems to have fun when the same or similar responses to repetitive actions come as feedback.

The interaction of HCI (Human Computer Interaction) starts right away by giving feedback on the action.

Giving feedback in an appropriate response to the user's actions,
The repetition of these is the interaction.

the interaction
Makes the system fun to use,
At the very least, it makes you aware that you are using the system.

I'm just starting to understand
Didn't the child also have fun through the interaction?

When you get beaten by your teacher or your parents
If your face doesn't change and you don't make a sound
One hit is a tropical hit.

Interaction is not that difficult.
How to give feedback is also a difficult question, but
Interaction literally means interacting, giving and receiving.
 It shows an appropriate reaction to the user's actions.


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