Why you shouldn't just receive a research report

4th year college girl who even had plastic surgery to get a job This is said at the end of the article.

I believe that the key to solving youth unemployment is the university. The President, please do not try to perceive reality as reports from aides or ministers, but please come to the university campus to listen to the living stories of students and formulate policies. When you come to college, you can have a cup of tea and talk candidly.

Are you afraid of going to college? As the CEO of a construction company, he enjoyed working at the site. I hope the president also comes to the site to check it out and conduct on-site politics.

Yes. The same goes for research. If you only receive a research report, you cannot feel the real customer.

I think I know What you know with your head and what you feel with your heartis as great a difference as heaven and earth.

If you're not afraid of customers, it's not a story or a research report from your aides, but it's an inefficient method, but the most effective way to realize is to meet with customers in person.

The more managers who meet customers through the eyes and ears of their staffs, the more likely they will want to tell the Korean people that the sampling is wrong, saying that our customers can't be that way when meeting customers directly. You shouldn't just meet and talk about yourself, talk nonsense, or select the participants in advance!


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